10 Things You Should Know about Payroll with Sage HRMS

There are lots of reasons to move to Sage HRMS. One is the strength of its underlying database platform, Microsoft SQL Server. You probably knew that. But what about these 10 things you can do in Sage HRMS payroll that you can’t do in Abra Suite? Take a look and make sure you know what’s waiting for you when you make the move:

Running Payroll

  1. Run back-dated payrolls. In Sage Abra Suite, you cannot process a payment for a date earlier than the last processed payroll. This limitation does not exist in HRMS.
  2. Review your reports and file your taxes. That’s it. There’s no running Trial Quarter Close process as you must do in Abra.
  3. Eliminate running backups after your payroll processes. SQL database will handle all backups and validations for you.

ACH and Direct Deposit

  1. Create a PreNote File for one employee or a group of employees without having to do a complete payroll as is necessary in Abra Suite.
  2. Create a direct deposit for a percentage of either net or gross pay as well as for a flat amount. In Abra Suite, you can create a direct deposit only for a flat amount.
  3. Make direct deposits active for a period of time using a date range. In Abra, you have only three choices: Active, Inactive, or PreNote.
  4. Rerun an ACH filed for a previous payroll. In Abra, once a file is gone, it’s gone! You can’t access an ACH file that has been previously processed.


  1. Save timecards with earnings, deductions, and taxes, and reuse them on future payroll runs.
  2. Eliminate timecards when employees automatically default to their normal hours worked and pay rates. Earnings/Deductions and Taxes can be overwritten at process, but this isn’t required.


  1. Eliminate timing restrictions for transferring employees between pay groups. Unlike in Abra Suite, you do not have to wait until after Final Quarter Close.
  2. Eliminate running the Optimize Database and Reform Indexes processes for each payroll as required in Abra Suite. There is no similar process in HRMS.  SQL keeps it databases healthy and running smoothly in other ways.

That’s not all

Sound good? There’s more. I haven’t mentioned eFiling with Aatrix, Step Rate tables, or time off Accruals, to name just a few. If you decide the move is right for you and your company, now’s the time to start planning.  The path has never been easier. Delphia’s Sage endorsed solution, Automated SQL Migration for Sage Abra Suite, ensures a fast, smooth migration, typically less than 90 days with a fixed-fee guaranteed implementation.

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Mary van Balen
Mary van Balen
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