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New Release: Sage HRMS 2016

After much anticipation from the Sage community, Sage has released the latest version of Sage HRMS. In addition to incorporating many requests from Sage users, this version includes a beautiful new user interface design and other powerful features that improve its overall usability. Our development team is also releasing new versions of our add-on modules, such as Sage HRMS HR Actions, to create a seamless experience between the applications.

Your Company’s Life Cycle and Why You Should Care

Every living thing, from the simplest organism to human beings, has a life cycle. The pattern is familiar: moving from simple to more complex, from beginnings and rapid growth to maturity, decline, and death. Each stage requires specific types of nurture before moving to the next. You may not think of companies as having life cycles, but they do.

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Product Release: Advanced Employer Match for Sage HRMS

We are excited to release our Advanced Employer Match (AEM) tool that provides Sage HRMS Payroll clients with a streamlined and efficient way to calculate and track their retirement savings and profit sharing employer match. While some companies use straightforward matching rules such as percentage of earnings or a flat dollar amount to determine the employer match amounts, many others have a unique combination of the two.

Selecting the Best Tool to Migrate from Abra Suite to Sage HRMS

Deciding what tool is right for your migration project – either the Automated SQL Migration for Abra Suite tool or the Upsize tool – depends on your needs. There are 6 decision points you can consider when selecting the best tool for migration.

9 Reasons to Move from FoxPro to SQL: Abra Suite to Sage HRMS

In the 1980’s, Sage Software (formerly known as Best Software) launched Abra Suite – an HRMS for small to midsize businesses based on FoxPro, a file-Server application that was introduced on the DOS operating system. Now, more than 30 years later, Abra Suite users have the opportunity to migrate to Sage HRMS – based on Microsoft SQL Server. Here are 9 reasons why this infrastructure upgrade alone, going from FoxPro to SQL Server, is worth putting on your technology roadmap.

Authority to Approve vs. Need to Know

Moving from paper to Sage HRMS HR Actions is the time to carefully review the approval process for every transaction and take the opportunity to streamline it. Start by separating true "Approvers" from "Need to Knows."

42 Ways to Add Alerts and Workflow to HR

"If only we had known..." Have you ever uttered those words? All of us in HR have plenty of times when they would be appropriate: An employee's work anniversary date slipped by without notice, a new hire arrived on her first day without the documents HR needed for paperwork, COBRA benefits information wasn't mailed out to a former employee, or someone's certification expired...

Sage HRMS 2016 Sneak Peek at Summit

If you plan to attend Sage Summit this year, be sure to get a demonstration of the 2016 release of Sage HRMS. Included in the upcoming release are new and improved features and benefits. Sage is also still recruiting Sage HRMS customers to participate in the beta testing process for Sage HRMS 2016.

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