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Joe is a leading thinker and a professional speaker in the areas of HR technology, marketing, and web usability. He is a well-recognized speaker for the Society of Human Resources Management.

How HR Is Changing (And Why It Should)

If you identify as an HR professional, raise your hand. Well, if you feel silly sitting in your office with your hand in the air, just imagine. Now, think about the last strategic meeting you attended. Were your responsibilities making sure the room was ready, coffee was made, and everyone was happy? If the answer is yes, put down that imaginary hand. HR is changing, and there’s a good reason.

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Sage Summit: A Roundup of Sessions on HR & Payroll

Are you going to Sage Summit this year? Expect to attend some great sessions, network with your peers and get inspired by some powerful keynote talks. While there will be plenty of learning opportunities to improve, optimize and grow your organization, here's a roundup of some of the sessions relating to Human Resources and Payroll you might consider attending.

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The New My Workforce Analyzer

The added functionality of My Workforce Analyzer (MWA) includes working with Sage HR or Payroll only installs (and of course installs with both products), critical 1094C and 1095C reporting, electronic filing of 1094C and 1095C with Sage Wage and Tax e-filing by Aatrix, and the ability to import dependent and payroll information.

5 Must-Have Social Media Channels for the Recruiting Marketing Mix

The Web is continually impacting marketing strategies and tactics, and let’s face it – a significant part of recruiting is marketing. The latest buzz is around using social media, or Web 2.0, to help recruit top talent. With the onset of social media, marketing departments can no longer control the message. Power is shifting to the end user. Individuals can influence the perception of a brand and buying decisions of their online friends through such online media as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.

14 Regulatory Acts Every HR Professional Should Know

You've got a lot of regulatory agencies watching you! Are you on top of what you need to report to keep each one happy? Here are some you should be aware of: Affordable Care Act (ACA)The employer mandate is a penalty that will be incurred by employers with more than 50 employees that do not offer health insurance to their full-time workers. This provision was included as a disincentive for employers considering dropping their current insurance plans once the insurance exchanges began operating as an alternative source of insurance. Proponents of the reform law wanted to address the parts of the [...]

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