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Mary van Balen is based out of Columbus, Ohio and is a writer for Delphia Consulting. Mary contributes to the Delphia blog on Human Resources issues and Delphia Consulting and Sage product related updates.

Putting People First

People who feel respected and valued are more enagaged at work. The most successful companies know that taking care of employees first impacts everything from customer service to the bottom line. Read about being "people-centric" and follow links to learn more about the concept and companies that have embraced it.

Are You Listening? Why It Matters

Communication skill is on just about every list that comes up when you’re looking for what makes a successful HR manager. When you think of communication, what comes to mind? My guess is that it usually has to do with what comes out of the manager’s mouth or finds its way into an email or memo, like “clear,” “concise,” “call-to-action,” “organized.” How about "Listening"?

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Stay Compliant: EEOC Pay-Data Reports Update

Employers are required to include pay data from 2017 as well as 2018 payrolls when completing Component 2 of the EEO-1 Survey which has been reinstated on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission form. This involves reporting pay data by race, gender, and ethnicity. The official deadline for reporting is September 30, 2019. Read for more information as well as links to the EEO-1 Survey and the EEOC 's FAQ web page.

Texas ICE Raid and What It Means for You

The ICE raid on a Texas electronics tech company reminds us of the increased focus on employer compliance with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service regulations for hiring immigrants. It was the largest raid in over a decade. What does that mean for you? Read for information about the raid, your responsibilities as an employer, and links to USCIS websites with helpful information on completing Form I-9.

EEOC Pay-Data Reports Due September 30

Pay data reporting by race, gender, and ethnicity has been reinstated on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC-1 form. The official deadline for reporting is September 30, 2019. Read for more information as well as links to the court document and EEOC frequently asked questions web page.

ACA: It’s Still the Law

You may be wondering about compliance ramifications of the recent Justice Department’s announced support of a Texas federal judge’s ruling that struck down the Affordable Care Act. For the moment, there are none. The ACA remains the law of the land.

Making the Move to Digital Learning

What are the biggest hurdles you face when it comes to keeping your employees up to date with job-related information throughout their time with your organization? Read for information on digital learning options, survey results, and links to studies showing challenges and preferences of employee learners.

Trend Toward Personalization and How It Affects Onboarding

Nearly 1 in 10 employees left their company because of a negative onboarding experience. On the flip side, a great onboarding experience helps attract and keep top-notch talent, and contributes to creating an engaged workforce. Personalization, a key consumer trend as we move toward 2020, can add to the effectiveness of your onboarding process. Read to learn some simple steps you can take to enhance your new hires' experience and follow links to a report and additional information.

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