Back in the day, early in my career, when I worked at Bell Labs, the “Routing Slip” attached to most forms was lengthy and didn’t appear to make much sense. While most of the names were management or HR, some were often facilities, security, or IT. Sometimes, it seemed like the roles that had nothing to do with the form were the last names on the list. Wouldn’t those be the final “Approvers” in a logical world?  Now, I understand why the diverse set of names. While some were really in a position to approve the request stated on the form, many were there because they “needed to know” about the end result. Facilities had to arrange office furniture or a move, security needed to change badge access, IT had to arrange for equipment or access permissions.  Unfortunately, when people move from paper forms to electronic forms I often see the same routing slip carry over.

Review the Approval Process before Going Paperless

Moving from paper to Sage HRMS HR Actions is the time to carefully review the approval process for every transaction and take the opportunity to streamline it.  Start by separating true “Approvers” from “Need to Knows.” Keep the “Approvers” on the routing and set up Sage HRMS Alerts and Workflow to notify the “Need to Knows” after the form is complete and processed. Use an Alert, monitoring specific conditions in Sage HRMS, to notify the right people at the right time. If HR needs to track that someone took action based on an Alert (i.e., company property was issued), then use a separate form to track that. They can submit it when the task is complete, and you can even track it in custom fields in Sage HRMS. It may not even require any routing for approval. 

I’m curious about your forms…. do you have a mix of “Approvers” and “Need to Knows”? Have you considered the difference?

Joe Rotella, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Joe Rotella, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Chief Marketing Officer at Delphia Consulting
Joe is a leading thinker and a professional speaker in the areas of HR technology, marketing, and web usability. He is a well-recognized speaker for the Society of Human Resources Management.