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Think Salaries and Benefits Are Your Biggest Costs? Think Again.

The biggest cost for you organization or business may not be what you expect. While payroll, benefits, and materials may be the first things to come to mind, a number of experts say trust or lack of it has the greatest effect on the bottom line. Read and follow links to see why trust is essential for increasing success.

Workplace Stress: What Can You Do?

According to an American Psychological Association survey, 61% of Americans report work as a major source of stress. There are lots of reasons: salaries, lack of opportunity, workload, long hours, job expectations. Read and follow links to learn more about causes of stress and what individuals and employers can do to reduce the problem.

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Mistakes: Failures or Opportunities?

Mistakes are often seen as failures rather than opportunities. This is as true in businesses and organizations as anywhere else. We'd often rather ignore them. But that comes with a cost. Opportunities for growth are lost. Not all organizations are adverse to embracing mistakes. They recognize them as possible sources of innovation and success. What makes the difference? Here are some insights into what makes a workplace more pleasant and more successful.

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IRS Letters 226J Are Coming: ACA Non-compliance Penalties for Tax Year 2016

Did you receive an IRS Letter 226J? They are soon in the mail. Who gets them and why? Read to learn more about these letters sent to ALEs (Applicable Large Employers) suspected of ACA non-compliance and what you should do if one shows up in your mailbox. Follow links to IRS pages and articles with additional information.

Sage HRMS HR Actions Q3 SR1 Product Update

Sage recently released a Q3 SR1 2018 Product Update for Sage HRMS and Sage ESS. After installing this update an error will occur when refreshing your HR Actions database via the HR Actions Configurator. We've issued a patch to address this issue.

Unlocking the Potential of Hidden Skills

Underutilizing your employees' hidden skills could result in lost productivity as well as contribute to a less engaged workforce. How can an employer tap into that potential? That's worth reading about! Then follow links to additional articles on utilizing your employees' hidden talents.

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Managers Matter: 8 Key Behaviors of Google’s Best

It's nice to know you matter. Take managers for example. In 2002 Google experimented with running the company without any! It didn't work. Read and discover what further research revealed to them about what it takes to be a great manager. Do you look for similar traits in your managers?

Different Databases – Sage HRMS Payroll and Sage Abra Suite

All databases are not created equal. Even state-of-the art platforms grow old and are replaced by something newer and more powerful. Sage HRMS Payroll and Sage Abra Suite run on different databases. Understanding what sets them apart is important. Read and follow the links for more information about them both and the advantages of Microsoft's SQL Server.

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