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Recruiting Challenges in an Employee’s Market

Let’s face it—recruiting is a challenging aspect of any human resource professional’s duties. In times of high unemployment, there are floods of applications and resumes to manage. During this current time of a record 49-year low unemployment rate, the challenges may be even more demanding. The open positions can linger, unfilled, while improving overall financial performance continues to create more jobs. Read for ways to meet the challenges and follow links for more information and software solutions we offer.

Making the Move to Digital Learning

What are the biggest hurdles you face when it comes to keeping your employees up to date with job-related information throughout their time with your organization? Read for information on digital learning options, survey results, and links to studies showing challenges and preferences of employee learners.

Do Those Who Grew Up with Tech Learn Differently Than Those Who Didn’t?

Whether you grew up with technology or not, how you learn doesn't differ much from those who didn't. How you access the information does. Read this post and follow links to learn about three factors that influence human learning and how they can influence the design of workforce training.

Unlocking the Potential of Hidden Skills

Underutilizing your employees' hidden skills could result in lost productivity as well as contribute to a less engaged workforce. How can an employer tap into that potential? That's worth reading about! Then follow links to additional articles on utilizing your employees' hidden talents.

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Millennials Are Changing the Workplace: Are You Ready?

By 2020, Millennials will comprise 50% of the global workplace and 75% in the U.S. The workforce is growing at an unprecedented rate, and as a result, changes are coming. Read about the effects of the Millennials in this blog post.

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Making a Business Case in HR

Being able to write and present a business case helps move your HR department form simply “setting” the corporate table to sitting there, contributing to strategic conversations. Learn when and how to write a persuasive case for ideas that matter.

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Productive Performance Reviews

Performance reviews can make or break an employee's relationship with their manager and have an impact on retention and productivity. Here are some considerations for ensuring performance reviews are productive experiences for all involved.

6 Resolutions for Technology Improvements in HR & Payroll

A new year is on the horizon. You may have already compiled your New Year’s Resolution list. But what about your company? Does it have a list, too? It could. Maybe 2016 is the year to add to or upgrade the technology you’re using. Check out 6 resolutions for helping your organization in big ways next year.

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