Millennials Are Changing the Workplace: Are You Ready?

By 2020, Millennials will comprise 50% of the global workplace and 75% in the U.S. The workforce is growing at an unprecedented rate, and as a result, changes are coming. Read about the effects of the Millennials in this blog post.

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HR Actions Release Supports Sage HRMS Payroll Q2 Updates: What You Need to Do

If you use Sage HRMS Payroll and HR Actions, you'll want to read about the new "Prenote Status" field included in the Sage 2016 Q2 update and learn how it is supported in HR Actions v 10.6.8. You'll need to complete one of two actions.

Fair Pay for a Long Day: Complying with New DOL Overtime Rule

The Department of Labor has released the new Overtime Rule that updates salary requirements for white collar salaried employees to be classified "exempt." Read this post to learn about the changes and compliance issues. You can follow included links to DOL documents and other related pages for more information.

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Changes Coming for Form I-9 – Just Not Yet

Changes in Form I-9 are coming. The new "smart" form will reduce technological/user error and make the form easier to complete. The USCIS published a notice to inform the public of proposed changes and to provide a 30-day period for comments.

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Affordable Care Act (ACA) Reporting Deadlines Extended

The Internal Revenue Service and the Department of the Treasury agreed that some employers, insurers, and others who provide minimum essential coverage needed more time to gather, analyze, and report information required for compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Responding to this need, they decided to extend deadlines for 2015 reporting.

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Sage Endorses Delphia’s Automated SQL Migration for Sage Abra Suite

Delphia Consulting is excited to announce that Sage has endorsed our Automated SQL Migration for Sage Abra Suite (ASM). This groundbreaking solution puts an end to the tedious, time consuming, and costly migration methods used in the past that discouraged many companies from migrating to the SQL platform.

Sage HRMS 2016 Sneak Peek at Summit

If you plan to attend Sage Summit this year, be sure to get a demonstration of the 2016 release of Sage HRMS. Included in the upcoming release are new and improved features and benefits. Sage is also still recruiting Sage HRMS customers to participate in the beta testing process for Sage HRMS 2016.

Sage Summit: A Roundup of Sessions on HR & Payroll

Are you going to Sage Summit this year? Expect to attend some great sessions, network with your peers and get inspired by some powerful keynote talks. While there will be plenty of learning opportunities to improve, optimize and grow your organization, here's a roundup of some of the sessions relating to Human Resources and Payroll you might consider attending.

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