Automated SQL Migration for Sage Abra Suite

59 Varieties: Streamlined Payroll Processing

Processing payroll is a complicated business with lots of things to track and remember. Wouldn't it be nice to have your payroll system remember some of them for you? Or catch mistakes before they turn into problems? The good news is that Sage HRMS Payroll does that and more, streamlining a time-consuming process. Part of our "59 Varieties" series, this post highlights some advantages you'll find in Sage HRMS Payroll processing.

59 Varieties: Tax Reporting Made Easy

How often have you heard someone say with a big smile, “Yay, it’s tax time!”? Probably never. Taxes are no one’s favorite, and for businesses, they require reporting more than once a year. Tax reporting is part gathering information, part filling out forms, and part making sure it’s all done on time. Read how Sage HRMS Payroll teams up with Aatrix tax reporting service to streamline the process and relieve the pressure on your HR/Payroll departments.

How to Position Your Business as an Authority in the Market

When your company is perceived as an authority in the your business, it can attract a large share of the market. How do you get there? Trust plays a large part. Read about moving beyond traditional marketing strategies to position your business as a trusted adviser and follow the links to a case study and additional insights.

59 Varieties: Easy Access to Info on Employee Records

Do you ever tell yourself “I’m going to organize this stuff” while sorting through a stack of paper? I do, every time I sift through the collection of my mom’s old recipes. Finding information is easier when it’s clearly labeled and kept in one place. That’s why filing cabinets were invented, right? Or recipe boxes. Or digital folders on your computer. Part of our “59 Varieties” series, this post highlights some advantages of finding information on Sage HRMS Payroll’s employee records.

59 Varieties: Apples to Apples – Sage HRMS Payroll to Sage Abra Suite

Comparing Sage HRMS Payroll to Sage Abra Suite is a bit like comparing apples to apples—you have to know what you're looking for before you choose. These two payroll systems have some significant differences. In our webinar “Sage HRMS Payroll: Exploring the Differences between Sage HRMS Payroll and Sage Abra Suite,” we outline many of them. Take a look at some you’ll find in the system setup.

Mentoring: It Works Both Ways

Millennials want lots of feedback and mentoring, but they have lots to offer, too. Reverse mentoring provides opportunities for younger employees to contribute to the company in a meaningful way by sharing their knowledge of changing technology and social media with senior leaders and executives, helping them stay on top of the trends. It's a win all around. Read to learn more about it and follow links to articles and surveys that explore what Millennials are looking for and what they have to share.

59 Varieties: Differences between Sage HRMS Payroll and Sage Abra Suite

When we tallied the differences addressed in our recent webinar “Sage HRMS Payroll: Exploring the Difference between Sage HRMS Payroll and Abra Suite,” we came up with 59. Similar to H.J. Heinz. But just as “57 Varieties” didn’t represent the actual number of products produced by his company in 1892 when he created the slogan, 59 isn’t the definitive number of differences between the two payroll systems either—but it signifies that there are lots of them. Read about a few at the System level.

With Payroll, There’re Lots of Reasons to Move from Abra Suite to Sage HRMS

You already know that Sage HRMS is built on the industry standard SQL database. That’s one reason to move from Abra Suite and FoxPro, and it’s a good one. But did you know that Sage HRMS Payroll offers lots more? You can do things in Sage HRMS Payroll that you can’t do in Abra Suite. Read this post and learn about some of the payroll advantages that are waiting for you when you make the move.

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