Automated SQL Migration for Sage Abra Suite

Sage HRMS Check Form Choices

If you use Sage HRMS Payroll, you have choices. The standard check forms are 100% compatible with your Sage software. If you require specially formatted checks, Sage HRMS check forms can be customized to include the information you need and the layout you want. Read this post to learn more about check form choices and availability.

Why Organizations Are Improving Their HR Technology Systems

Why are so many organizations putting initiatives for improving or developing their HR systems strategies on their to-do list? The likelihood of outperforming those who lag behind in technology adoption. Increased revenue. Attracting top talent. You can learn about these and others as well as statistics that support them. Read and follow the links for additional information.

Let’s Talk: Abra Suite Is Running on an Unsupported Database

Did you know that Abra Suite is running on an unsupported data base or that Sage stopped selling it in 2014? Why not move to Sage HRMS that runs on the industry leading database, SQL server? Take a quick look at the history of both products and their underlying platforms and read how Delphia has made the migration to Sage HRMS easier than ever.

Product Compatibility with Sage HRMS 2017

Announcing Delphia add-on product compatibility with Sage HRMS 2017

Delphia Consulting, LLC Invited to Join Sage Business Partner Advisory Council

We are pleased to announce that Brian Delphia, founding President and CEO of Delphia Consulting, LLC, has been invited to join the Sage Mid-Market Business Partner Advisory Council (BPAC). Read this post to learn about BPAC and its mission of bringing business leaders together to advise Sage leadership on business initiatives to better serve customers and partners.

10 Things You Should Know about Payroll with Sage HRMS

There are lots of reasons to move to Sage HRMS. One is the strength of its underlying database platform, Microsoft SQL Server. You probably knew that. But what about things you CAN do in Sage HRMS payroll that you CAN'T do in Abra Suite? Take a look at this list of 10, and make sure you know what's waiting for you when you make the move.

3 Reasons to Migrate to Sage HRMS: Speed, Security, and Scalability

Abra Suite users are moving to Sage HRMS, and for good reasons. One is the powerful, underlying database, Microsoft SQL Server (SQL Server). This infrastructure upgrade alone—from Microsoft Visual FoxPro (FoxPro) to SQL Server—is reason enough to make the move. Learn about three advantages that you can expect when you do.

New Release: Sage HRMS 2016

After much anticipation from the Sage community, Sage has released the latest version of Sage HRMS. In addition to incorporating many requests from Sage users, this version includes a beautiful new user interface design and other powerful features that improve its overall usability. Our development team is also releasing new versions of our add-on modules, such as Sage HRMS HR Actions, to create a seamless experience between the applications.

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