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Trend Toward Personalization and How It Affects Onboarding

Nearly 1 in 10 employees left their company because of a negative onboarding experience. On the flip side, a great onboarding experience helps attract and keep top-notch talent, and contributes to creating an engaged workforce. Personalization, a key consumer trend as we move toward 2020, can add to the effectiveness of your onboarding process. Read to learn some simple steps you can take to enhance your new hires' experience and follow links to a report and additional information.

10 Reasons HR Loves Organizational Charts

You know those organizational charts you use to visually show the structure of a company, its departments and its employees? What happens if you add additional information to your charts like performance data, work flow, or job responsibilities? Let’s look at ten ways enhanced organizational charts can help HR manage employees, make decisions, and plan for the future.

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