Sage HRMS Alerts & Workflow

Close the Loop with the Latest Alerts & Workflow Upgrade

The release of Sage Alerts & Workflow v 9 introduces an entirely new concept in alerts software and extends functionality by including six acknowledgement types that provide specific information about the receipt of the alert and response to the action it requires.

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Authority to Approve vs. Need to Know

Moving from paper to Sage HRMS HR Actions is the time to carefully review the approval process for every transaction and take the opportunity to streamline it. Start by separating true "Approvers" from "Need to Knows."

42 Ways to Add Alerts and Workflow to HR

"If only we had known..." Have you ever uttered those words? All of us in HR have plenty of times when they would be appropriate: An employee's work anniversary date slipped by without notice, a new hire arrived on her first day without the documents HR needed for paperwork, COBRA benefits information wasn't mailed out to a former employee, or someone's certification expired...

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