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Celebrating Women’s History Month

Due in large part to the efforts and leadership of the National Women’s History Project (MWHP), March is designated in the U.S. as National Women’s History Month (NWHM). As you are looking ahead in 2019, consider celebrating the women you know who make a difference every day. Read for celebration ideas, facts on some amazing women and their contributions, and links to find more information.

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Trend Toward Personalization and How It Affects Onboarding

Nearly 1 in 10 employees left their company because of a negative onboarding experience. On the flip side, a great onboarding experience helps attract and keep top-notch talent, and contributes to creating an engaged workforce. Personalization, a key consumer trend as we move toward 2020, can add to the effectiveness of your onboarding process. Read to learn some simple steps you can take to enhance your new hires' experience and follow links to a report and additional information.

Make Sense and Cents with Automated HRMS and ESS Software Solutions

If you work in HR and don't already have this technology, you know a strong Human Resources Management System (HRMS) and Employee Self Service (ESS) software would make your life easier and provide more time to contribute to strategic planning. You want to help people—but, not by filling out forms! Read and discover research and numbers that can help make a case for streamlining Human Resources, engaging employees, and adding your voice to big-picture conversations.

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Don’t Forget: Post OSHA Form 300A on February 1

Compliance with OSHA regulations requires some employers to post Form 301A in a conspicuous place from February 1 through April 30. Other employers must electronically submit forms. Read for more information and follow included links to relevant harts and documents.

Are You a Manager? A Coach? Be Both!

Studies show that 79% of Millennials prefer a coach or mentor to a traditional boss and they are becoming the organizational leaders. Along with annual and quarterly reviews in a comprehensive performance management process, coaching contributes to an increase in employees’ sense of participating in a larger team effort. Read about why coaching is an important function of managers and how managers can become better at it.

Onboarding and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

How can taking some lessons from Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs help your organization improve its onboarding process? You might be surprised to learn that the American psychologist's research has been guiding organizations, managers, and entrepreneurs since the 60s. Read and follow links to learn how this theory of motivation first published in the 40s can impact organizations in 2019.

Sage HRMS HR Actions Compatible with Sage Q4 Update

Sage recently released a Q4 Product Update for Sage HRMS and Sage ESS. Learn more about it in this post.

Why HR Departments Are Going Paperless

What is driving companies to move their HR departments to paperless forms and workflow? Saved time. Immediate access. Lowered costs. Monitored compliance. To name a few advantages. A more efficient HR is a more productive HR. Bringing the department into an increasingly paperless environment frees staff to contribute their expertise and become more involved in strategic business conversations. Follow links for more information and to learn how your company can begin making the move.

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