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Think Salaries and Benefits Are Your Biggest Costs? Think Again.

The biggest cost for you organization or business may not be what you expect. While payroll, benefits, and materials may be the first things to come to mind, a number of experts say trust or lack of it has the greatest effect on the bottom line. Read and follow links to see why trust is essential for increasing success.

Managers Matter: 8 Key Behaviors of Google’s Best

It's nice to know you matter. Take managers for example. In 2002 Google experimented with running the company without any! It didn't work. Read and discover what further research revealed to them about what it takes to be a great manager. Do you look for similar traits in your managers?

3 Ways to Smooth Tech Transitions

Introducing new technologies at work can create anxiety. While letting go of the familiar and learning something new is never easy, when it comes to new HR software implementation, there are lots of steps you can take that will smooth the transition. Read and follow the links in this post and discover what you can do to help your organization make the move.

Your Electronic “John Hancock”

Electronic signatures streamline the completion and storing of required employee forms as well as expediting all types of long-distance business transactions from buying something online to signing contracts. Learn how electronic signatures became legally binding, find links to additional information about the laws, and explore how paperless forms can make your HR processes more efficient.

You Hired the Right People. How Do You Keep Them?

You’ve hired the right person for the right job. Now what? How do you keep the talent you worked so hard to find? Helping your new employees feel like part of the company team during their first weeks on the job is crucial to both a smooth transition and retention. While it takes more than a day or two of orientation, those first impressions make a difference. Using online new hire forms that can be completed before the first day of work is a great way to start. Read some tips for keeping those new employees on board!

Paperless: It’s About the Experience

Eliminating paper forms and moving into a paperless HR environment improves the employee experience from onboarding through the entire employee life cycle. Read this post for some interesting facts about the trend to paperless HR and the impact streamlining work processes has on employee engagement and productivity.

Provide an Engaging Onboarding Experience

Providing new hires with the opportunity to complete onboarding forms before they come in to work on day one improves their experience, engagement, and likelihood of remaining with the company. Follow the link to an article that provides insight into the importance of digital onboarding. Then discover how we can help you move to a more engaging onboarding experience.

Earth Day: Paper Use Facts to Consider [Infographic]

Paperless HR makes good business sense, but on Earth Day, it's good to remember that it makes sense for the environment, too. Paper manufacturing and use contribute to ecological stress on our planet. Finding ways to reduce dependence on paper-heavy processes can help.

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