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Course: My Workforce Analyzer – In Depth Training

If you already use My Workforce Analyzer (MWA) to stay compliant with ACA regulations then this training is designed for you. This On-Demand course will provide an in-depth overview of the most essential features including data synchronization and analysis, 1094-C and 1095-C form population, and analysis of hours reports. You will also learn about the latest enhancements to the software.At the conclusion of this training you’ll know how to:

  • Import your Insurance Benefits
  • Define your Regulatory period
  • Identify your Variable Hour Employees
  • Populate forms 1094-C & 1095-C
  • Utilize the Aatrix GUI – 5 step process with error validation
  • Import Offer of Coverage
  • Use Aatrix Printing/e-filing options/CD
  • Generate critical reports for ACA Hours Compliance Analysis including:
    • Hours of Service
    • Monthly Affordability Analysis
    • Full-time/FTE Count
    • Variable Hour Employees