How to Exchange Business Cards and Make Connections that Last

Are you headed to a spring or summer business-related convention? Most of us have attended events like these, handed out our business cards, and come home with a pocket full of cards we’ve received from others. It may come as a surprise that how the exchange is made can influence the likelihood of the new connection becoming a future business contact. In her SageAdvice article, Erika Preval outlines three rules that make a difference.

It’s all about connecting

You may come to the gathering loaded with your business cards, prepared to share them with everyone you meet. But giving them to people you will likely never hear from again accomplishes nothing other than perhaps providing them with a bookmark for airplane reading on their trip home.

Getting to know more about a person, determining if their company and yours might be a good fit, and having a gut feeling that you could work well together are all steps to take before you offer your card. Engaging in an interesting conversation increases the chances that they will remember you and want to get in touch again.

Far from home

Traveling and doing business in foreign countries present other considerations. You may be accustomed to learning about appropriate attire, the proper way to greet a business person, and acceptable topics for casual conversation. But who would think that some countries have their own etiquette for presenting and receiving business cards? They do, and it’s a good idea to learn about them before you board that plane.

Read Preval’s article to learn more about business card exchange and how to make it into a positive networking experience.

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Mary van Balen
Mary van Balen
Technical Writer at Delphia Consulting
Mary van Balen is based out of Columbus, Ohio and is a writer for Delphia Consulting. Mary contributes to the Delphia blog on Human Resources issues and Delphia Consulting and Sage product related updates.