How to Position Your Business as an Authority in the Market

Close up of sliver computer keyboard with the word People look to experts when they need advice. They want a trusted advisor, someone they can count on to provide the information and direction they need. When your company is perceived as an authority in the market, it can attract a large share of the market. But, how does a business get there? Traditional marketing strategies like broadening your audience and including a wide range of products and/or services don’t always work. According to Gene Hammett, host of a top podcast “Leaders in the Trenches,” speaking on stages and getting media attention work, but don’t come without planning and knowledge of “authority marketing.”


Four uncommon rules

He offers 4 uncommon rules to follow:

  1. Narrow Your Focus—don’t try to be everything to everyone.
  2. Unique is Better than Better—don’t show why your prices or products are better than everyone else’s; show how they are new and different, a step into the future.
  3. Know Your Point of View—Know where you stand on issues and topics related to your products or services where you want to be a trusted adviser. Don’t waffle.
  4. Give It Away—share your expertise and educate your market. Everything doesn’t have to literally be free, but if it comes with a price, it should be minimal compared with the value of what they receive.


These 4 steps foster a sense that your business has something of value to offer and can be trusted.  Mark Saunders, an authority positioning coach, offers insights into the connection between inbound marketing and authority positioning. In his post How Inbound Marketing and Authority Positioning Amplify Business Development in Forbes’ CommunityVoice, Saunders writes of the importance of both displaying your expertise through successful projects and sharing knowledge you have acquired as a means of establishing authority in the industry. He quotes Marcus Sheridan, founder of The Sales Lion, who emphasizes the importance of trust in developing your inbound marketing strategies.

Marketing is always changing

In the business world, marketing is always changing. Read Gene Hammett’s article 4 Uncommon Rules of Authority Marketing in the SageAdvice newsletter and Mark Saunders’ post to learn more about how to move your business into a leadership position in your niche.

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Mary van Balen
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