Making the Move to Digital Learning

A man's hands resting on computer keyboard and a mouse sitting on a desk. The computer monitor shows themed illustrations of learning and the words What are the biggest hurdles you face when it comes to keeping your employees up to date with job-related information throughout their time with your organization? Cost? Yes, ongoing education and training can be expensive, especially if it involves sending employees to off-site classes or seminars that may include travel and lodging expenses as well as tuition.

Time is another issue. According to LinkedIn’s 2018 Workplace Learning Report, employees not making time for learning is the top challenge. On the other hand, the same survey found that 94% of employees would be more likely to stay at their company if they felt the company was willing to invest in their career development.

Moving to digital learning

More organizations are turning to online training and learning management to meet their needs. According to the LinkedIn report, 90% of companies offer digital learning, and part of the reason is meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse workforce. In general, of the approximately 4,000 professionals surveyed, 68% indicated that employees liked to learn at work, 58% prefer to learn at their own pace, and 49% prefer to learn at the point of need.

Some training options

When it comes to digital training, there are a number of options. Organizations can develop their own programs including content, work with a company to design a unique program, or purchase an off-the-shelf eLearning program that address the needed content but allows for addition of some content specific to the organization. Perhaps a combination of the above would work best.

If the material to be learned is directly related to your products, services, or procedures, you can organize that information into small “bits.” These can be placed into an easily accessible knowledgebase library. Or perhaps consolidate the information into an in-house courses delivered by your own experts.

If skills to be learned are more general, finding and purchasing a program that fits your needs may be the answer. HRZone’s article 10 Ways to Choose Your Perfect eLearning Partner provides helpful guidelines—including the importance of material accessibility on a variety of devices.

How a people-driven industry made the case for virtual training

Convincing all the stakeholders in a company to invest the necessary time and money into the move from a traditional classroom style of content delivery to digital training requires a good business case. This HR Exchange video, featuring Gretchen Stroud, VP of Global Talent & Learning for Hilton Worldwide, presents a clear example of doing just that. Their solution included a social media platform where members of each cohort could interact; online, instructor-led training, and access to coaching.

How is your organization meeting the training/learning needs of its employees during onboarding? Are you “losing” employees with outdated delivery of information and training needed to start a new job? (Stroud confesses considering returning to her previous employer when she encountered such a cumbersome system as she began her career with Hilton.) Are your employees engaged in the process? Do they feel like the organization is willing to invest in their career development?

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Mary van Balen
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