New Release of Sage HRMS Garnishment Manager Features New User Interface

We are pleased to announce the release of Sage HRMS Garnishment Manager Version 10.7.6. It features a major redesign of the user interface that makes calculating, prioritizing, and updating garnishment records easier than ever.

UI redesign

Calculate Tab Redesign

We’ve improved the readability of the Garnishment Summary by reorganizing columns, adding new column headers, and removing background colors. New Total Garnishments & Total Fees summary calculations have been added, and the buttons have been reorganized and feature improved labeling.

You now have the ability to view an employee’s individual garnishments within the Calculate tab, and indicators have been added to highlight potential configuration issues regarding employee work state and garnishment setup.


Reports tab redesign

The layout of the reports table has been simplified, and we’ve standardized the generation of garnishment reports. Buttons have been reorganized, labeling improved, and the display of date fields has been enhanced.

Additional updates

This new release also addresses these issues:

  • APVENDORCODE has been added to Employee transactional reporting.
  • Vendor Summary report now can span multiple pages when a vendor has a large number of garnished employees.
  • Washington State Hours Per Week has been updated to 35 hours per week.

For complete details, refer to the Release Notes on our Software Manuals page.


Contact for information about updating to this new version.

Calculate and Prioritize Garnishments

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Mary van Balen
Mary van Balen
Technical Writer at Delphia Consulting
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