Provide an Engaging Onboarding Experience

According to an Aberdeen Group report, “Welcome to the 21st Century, Onboarding,” one of the best things HR can do is ditch the paper forms. In fact, the report states that companies with pre-boarding are 11% more likely to retain first-year employees than companies without pre-boarding.

A new employee’s first day is often filled with a stack of forms to fill out—usually alone in their office or cubicle. Not engaging. Providing the opportunity for new hires to complete forms online at their convenience before they set foot in the office frees up that first day for more personal experiences: meeting coworkers, talking to the boss, going out to lunch, touring the facility, learning the routine, meeting HR staff, or being paired with a mentor.

Read about three ways to improve the experience in Andre Lavoie’s article, “3 Benefits of Digital Onboarding.” Not surprisingly, they include using paperless forms. Making them available wherever your new hires have internet access is another plus, especially for millennials.

Streamline the process

How do you handle onboarding forms? Are you still using paper?

Sage HRMS HR Actions and plugin Sage HRMS HR Actions Dynamic Forms Checklist , both developed by Delphia Consulting, provide the web-based forms new hires need to complete as well as the ability to present a customized list of forms to each employee prior to their first day on the job. Call us at 888.421.2004 or click the CONTACT SALES button on our website for more information, and start on the road to a more engaging onboarding experience.

Eliminate the Burden of Paperwork

Quickly build, route and approve your own web-based forms without any programming using Sage HRMS HR Actions
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