Recruiting Challenges in an Employee’s Market

U.S. unemployment rate


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US unemployment rate was at 3.6 percent through May, 2019. (Compare this with the 1948 – 2019 average of 5.75 percent, the whopping high unemployment of 10.80 percent in November, 1982, and a record low of 2.50 percent in May, 1953). Additionally, approximately 75,000 new jobs were created during May of this year. These new jobs were found primarily in professional and business services and health care. 1, 2

The recruiting challenge

Let’s face it—recruiting is a challenging aspect of any human resource professional’s duties. In times of high unemployment, there are floods of applications and resumes to manage. Keeping accurate track of these applicants, choosing possible matches for your open positions, routing and scheduling interviews and other necessary steps to get to “you’re hired” can be overwhelming.

During this current time of a record 49-year low unemployment rate, the challenges may be even more demanding and perplexing. The open positions can linger, unfilled, while improving overall financial performance continues to create more jobs. Suddenly, an internal recruiter is in need of an arsenal to meet the onslaught of new hire demands.


The employee’s market has given rise to another hiring challenge. The Washington Post recently highlighted the unsettling and growing trend impacting recruiting, that of ‘ghosting’ in the workplace. Long a term used to refer to dating no shows, recruiting professionals are becoming all too familiar with this phenomenon. Applicants fail to show up for interviews. New hires never show for work. Employees leave work one day and fail to return the next. It would appear that with more jobs than job hunters, many potential new hires are frequently taking bold steps to pick just the right position—with little regard for the recruiter or HR manager left to wonder the reasons why. The Washington Post quotes Josh Howarth, district president of global staffing firm Robert Half’s D.C. office, estimating that his firm is seeing a “ten to twenty percent increase” in ghosting over the past year.3

How to improve your approach

With greater demand and ever changing recruiting environments, how can you improve your approach to recruiting? Here are a few ideas to consider that will get you on the path to improved recruiting practices:

  • Build your potential candidate pool through social media, networking, current and former employee engagement, and marketing.
  • Research, explore, and react to market trends within your industry including not only salary ranges but also benefits and work/life balance incentives (i.e., know the landscape).
  • Maximize your ability to respond to demands and make wise hiring choices through automating your recruiting process.

Get out ahead of the competition in the recruiting battles. Arm yourself with knowledge of trends and the target candidate pool. Choose the recruiting solution that best suits your needs. Then you’ll meet the jobs demand, regardless of the current hiring climate.

We’d like to help

Delphia Consulting offers several options for recruiting:

  • Cyber Recruiter is an in-house or hosted, web-based, paperless, process-oriented, multi-role recruiting solution.
  • iRecruit for Sage HRMS is a powerful, hosted SaaS software solution that provides a simple, affordable way to manage your recruiting process online, no matter the size of your business.
  • And, if you need a simple alternative that connects an online job application to a new hire form within Sage HRMS HR Actions, consider our Basic Online Application for Sage HRMS HR Actions.

If you would like to speak to your Account Manager for further information, please reach out to Or you can contact us at 888.421.2004 or use the CONTACT SALES button on our website.


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Meet the Recruiting Challenge

Delphia can help with a variety of recruiting solutions. Visit our Solutions Recruiting page.
Jacki Crawford
Jacki Crawford
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