Sage HRMS Check Form Choices

If you use Sage HRMS Payroll, you have the choice to use either the standard payroll check form or a custom payroll check form. Standard payroll check forms are 100% compatible with your Sage software and save time and money since there is no need to purchase additional services to design and test a custom check format. Sage provides some choices for you, and they are available through Sage Checks and Forms online.

However, if you require specially formatted checks, Sage HRMS check forms can be customized to include the information you need and the layout you want.

Standard check forms

Depending on need and preferences, you can choose between a high security check and a laser payroll check. You can also add a signature to the standard check form for a small fee.

Listed below is the standard format check name in Sage HRMS and the available Sage Checks and Forms online order numbers for easy reference:

High Security   Order # SLCP66



Laser Payroll Check   Order # LCP66


Custom check forms

As mentioned above, some circumstances require a custom check form. For example, your time off plan may be set up in a way that requires the check form to include time off balances. Or perhaps you would like a different layout design. Delphia Consulting will work with you to find the right custom check solution.

A custom check form must be quoted under any of the following circumstances:

  • Client wants to print to blank stock forms.
  • Client wants any modifications to the Sage HRMS standard check form or check details.
  • Client wants the form to match their existing check format.
  • Client wants balances from Time Off Plans displayed on the check. (The standard format displays only payroll accrual balances.)


If you have any questions, contact us at or visit the Request Support page on our website.

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