Announcing Sage HRMS HR Actions® New Release: Version 10.6.14

If you’re a Sage HRMS HR Actions® user, you’ll want to update to this new version and take advantage of enhancements that increase functionality and make HR Actions even easier to use. Of particular interest is a feature which automatically posts an action to Abra Suite or Sage HRMS. Read more about it and other additions below.

This information and a list of all modifications made in Version 10.6.14 are described in the Release Notes, available on our Software Manuals page.

New with Version 10.6.14

Auto-Post feature

This feature provides the ability for Admin users to set up a form that will automatically post an action to Abra Suite or Sage HRMS once all approvals have been completed. (The action will auto-post when it’s initiated if there are no approvers.)

Screen shot of new form in Sage HRMS HR Actions v. 10.6.14


Improved user feedback

Red text will quickly draw your attention to actions that fail to write to Abra Suite or Sage HRMS due to an error. In that case, the action is marked with the Status text (Pending) in red, and a red information icon replaces the blue one. The Approval Chain also indicates that the action has failed to write successfully.

Screenshot from HR Actions Release Notes for version 10.6.14


The enhanced Routing section now provides more detail to the user when they are viewing or auditing an action that has failed to write to Abra Suite or Sage HRMS.

Screenshot from Sage HRMS HR Actions Release Notes version 10.6.14


New report

A report, “Employee Tax Fields With Tax Params Out of Order,” has been added which will review employee tax setups for incorrectly ordered tax parameters.


Contact for information about updating to this new version.

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