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A successful implementation begins with a tried and true methodology

Whether you're implementing a new HRMS, adding a module or a complementary product, a successful project begins with a sound implementation methodology.


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Project Management elements common to all projects include:

  • Quality management
  • Risk management
  • Project communications
  • Change management
  • Value management


  Delphia Consulting’s 5 D's implementation methodology is based on industry accepted project management and quality assurance methodologies, adapted for the specific product and technology set and client requirements.

The 5 D’s of software implementation

While our methodologies are tailored to each specific software, the core principles of our 5 D's approach are common to all our implementation methodologies:
  • Define—We initiate the project, confirm objectives and scope, and assign responsible parties and deliverables.
  • Design—All planning is complete, resulting in a project blue print and timeline.
  • Develop—The software configuration and initial data conversion occur in preparation for deployment in the test environment.
  • Deploy—Once trained, users execute acceptance test using the final conversion data set.
  • DeliverGo-live delivers the promise of the project to the user community and the project comes to a close.