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    Remote Applicant New Hire Plugin for Sage HRMS HR Actions

    Populate the applicant selection drop-down field on a new hire form with information on ready-to-hire applicants collected by a third-party applicant tracking system.

    Publisher: Delphia Consulting
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    Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter

    Streamline the process of finding and hiring the people you need with this paperless in-house solution. Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter helps managers and recruiters coordinate the entire recruiting process through requisition and offer workflow, job board integration, interview scheduling, and more.


    Publisher: Visibility Software
    Sage Endorsed
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    Sage HRMS HR Actions New Hire Interface

    Eliminate duplicate data entry by automatically populating a new hire or rehire form with data transferred  from Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter.

    Publisher: Delphia Consulting
    Sage Endorsed