Advanced Employer Match for Sage HRMS

Customize and automate your retirement savings and profit sharing employer match schedule using unlimited parameters

Advanced Employer Match for Sage HRMS

Calculate and Apply Employer Match to Payroll

Depending on the number and types of parameters used in calculating an employer match, the process can include manually creating spreadsheets and reports. AEM streamlines the process, gets rid of the spreadsheets, and automatically calculates and records the employer match amounts in timecards within Sage HRMS Payroll.

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Customize Schedules

Incorporate your company’s rate schedule, eligibility requirements, and acceptable wage categories to create a unique solution, and configure employer matches for every employee.


Repeat and Revise

 Run AEM as many times as needed. Make sure there are no mistakes before payroll is posted and checks are printed. Change company or employee information whenever necessary.


Maximum Match

Support an absolute dollar amount as a Maximum Match Limit.


Stay Compliant

Include State and Federal retirement savings contribution regulations in the calculations, ensuring compliance.



Appropriate GL  Transactions

Calculate the employer match using AEM and ensure the appropriate GL transactions are included in payroll GL posting.




Reduce Costs

Eliminate the need for manual configurations and spreadsheets, reducing time required to process payroll.


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Automate your employer match schedule

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Delphia Consulting, a recognized Sage Endorsed Development Partner, has served as a Sage business partner for over 15 years.

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Delphia Consulting, a recognized Sage Endorsed Development Partner, has served as a Sage business partner for over 15 years.