My Workforce Analyzer

Make better decisions faster on employee coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

My Workforce Analyzer - Comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA)Analyze Data from Sage HRMS to Comply with the ACA

My Workforce Analyzer uses information from Sage HRMS or Abra Suite to track employee hourly data and determine employer size requirements under ACA. It also helps determine coverage affordability, explores the pay-or-play options, and examines part-time and full-time eligibility requirements.

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Monitor Hours

Monitor the hours worked by part-time workforce to avoid penalties. Information displayed in easy-to-read dashboard.

Watch Measurement Periods

Know when you should be offering benefits to employees. See an assessment of healthcare affordability by month for the current stability period.


Examine Scenarios

Review comparisons and different options that make sense for your organization.

Forms 1094-C and 1095-C

Create mandatory forms 1094-C and 1095-C to comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).



Use with Sage HRMS Payroll or import using payroll data in CSV format.


File forms 1094-C and 1095-C  with the IRS using Aatrix services.


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Start making better decisions faster on employee coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

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This solution is complete as offered. There are no optional components.

The following provide similar functionality or compliment this solution:
Sage HRMS Payroll – US

Yes, both Sage HRMS and Sage Abra Suite allow automated enrollment with the Sage Benefits Enrollment module and in the core Human Resources module under Benefits Management. If an employee does not want coverage, he or she can waive the benefit, and the data flows to section three of Form 1095-C in MWA.

Yes, the functionality needed to generate Forms 1094-C and 1095-C, which satisfies sections 6055 and 6056 of the act, is delivered through the new MWA module.

Yes, our compliance experts monitor many provisions of the act, and we will make product changes as necessary to help our customers manage their responsibilities as they relate to the Affordable Care Act.

Contact your Solutions Architect, who will contact Sage to discuss your options and place an order for either an upgrade to Gold support or MWA.

Contact your Solutions Architect, who will contact Sage to place a $0 order. You will receive a new install code and serial number to enter into Sage HRMS or Sage Abra Suite to activate MWA.

Delphia Consulting can implement the new module, or you can attend a training course available through Sage U to learn how to perform the setup on your own.

It depends, but the time varies from 15 minutes to a full day, depending on factors such as whether or not data needs to be imported from your Sage HRMS or Sage Abra Suite solution. If data needs to be imported, this process can take longer. In most cases, customers who have been using Sage HRMS or Sage Abra Suite for a couple of years and have all of their benefit and payroll information complete and up to date in the system will be able to begin using MWA in a very short time.

Currently, the system generates a report per EIN. The user must suppress one of the reports and add the required data to the report they wish to issue to the employee.

MWA uses the check date to pro-rate time into each month based on a standard workweek.

With the new version of MWA, no employee data is stored on Sage servers. All information is stored and maintained in Sage Abra Suite or Sage HRMS.

Yes, and the number of employees that should be considered part-time will be displayed in the dashboards.

Yes, and the number of employees that should be considered part-time will be displayed in the dashboards.

No, not at this time; however, this will be a future enhancement to the module and is scheduled to be released as part of a quarterly product update.

It will prepopulate some of the data on the report; however, manual entry is also required.

It will prepopulate some of the data on the report; however, manual entry is also required. Note: With the first release of MWA it is important to remember that section three has been automated using Sage HRMS or Sage Abra Suite data, but section two is not automatically populated. You must edit the defaults for any employee who had a break in service or who has a code that differs from the common answer for your staff.

The system defaults values for section two on Form 1095-C, then allows the individual reports to be edited to represent the filing the employer wishes to submit.

The system allows for jobs to be excluded by mapping the job codes to Seasonal. In addition, individual 1095-C reports can be suppressed from printing or excluded from the 1094-C report, allowing for flexibility regarding which employees are included.

Yes, you can use MWA if you are using Sage HRMS Payroll or Sage Abra Suite Payroll.

No, you cannot create your own reports directly from the dashboards; however, you can save the dashboards to your workstation, then use the data to write reports or create spreadsheets. We are planning enhancements around this area for a future release of MWA.

Your business partner can provide you with that information, or you can call Sage to identify which maintenance and support plan you have.

No, this is supported in our payroll modules as part of the W-2 process. Customers should contact their payroll provider to arrange for the W-2 reporting.

Yes, MWA fully supports all of the IRS codes, so you can fulfill your reporting requirements.

MWA will report on all medical plans identified as offering minimum essential health care coverage

For more FAQ’s, see the complete list.

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