Benefit Portal Interface for Sage HRMS

Streamline data transfer between Sage HRMS and a third-party benefit portal

Benefit Portal Interface for Sage HRMS

Simplify Information Transfer from Your Benefit Portal

Do you correct a significant number of benefit/deduction entries every pay cycle? Manually entering employee benefit data changes into Sage HRMS is both time consuming and error-prone. Benefit Portal Interface for Sage HRMS (BPI) eliminates those problems by transferring information received from a third-party benefits manager directly into Sage HRMS benefit screens. This automatically keeps employee balances, premiums, and contributions up-to-date as well as maintains a records history.

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Reduce Costs

Save money by reducing the time HR personnel spend on manually entering employee benefits information changes in Sage HRMS.


Timely Transfers

Manually entering benefit data can mean late transfers of employee current elections into payroll. Resulting checks are incorrect. Automatic data transfer eliminates this problem.

File Frequency

Run on demand means you control of how often you import updated benefits or export employee demographics

Calculate Payroll Deductions

If you have Sage HRMS Payroll, you can translate employee contribution values into deduction values in payroll with a click of a button.

Export Demographics

BPI allows export of demographic information for both current employees and new hires from Sage HRMS into the benefit portal system, eliminating the need for manual entry.



BPI can be customized with mapping formatted data specifications with any third-party portal administrator, allowing both import and export of information


Keep benefits data automatically updated

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This solution is complete as offered. There are no optional components.

This solution offers unique functionality that stands alone.

Any business that uses Sage HRMS and a third-party benefits portal to manage their employees’ benefits.

No. BPI imports contribution values only. However, in Sage HRMS Payroll, the user can turn on the option that translates contribution values into the deduction codes in payroll.

A certified consultant guides the client through an effective implementation of the solution including planning, software installation, configuration, testing, and user training and support.

You don’t. You could enter all benefits enrollments and changes to Sage HRMS manually.

First, let’s distinguish the difference between a 3rd party benefit administrator and a benefit carrier.

  • A 3rd party benefit administrator is a “middle man” between the client and their benefit carriers. It provides benefit administration services for the client, including open enrollment, life event changes, employee benefit tracking and reporting, and updating the benefit carrier on behalf of the client.
  • A benefit carrier is the provider of the insurance and savings benefits the client has chosen to offer their employees.

Benefit Portal Interface (BPI) is a Delphia product that interfaces with a client’s 3rd party benefit administration service. This utility is for clients who have elected to use a 3rd party service to manage benefits.

  • Through CSV file exchange, BPI updates Sage HRMS with benefit data from the 3rd party administrator, including benefit adds, changes, and expirations. For clients with Sage HRMS payroll, this ensures that payroll deductions for employee benefits are accurate each pay period.
  • BPI also extracts employee demographic information from Sage HRMS into a CSV file that updates the 3rd party benefit administrator with employee new hires, employee record changes, and employee terminations, ensuring that the 3rd party administrator’s employee records are always up to date.
  • BPI eliminates the duplicate entry and manual updating of employee benefit records in Sage HRMS and employee demographic records in the 3rd party administrator’s system.

Sage HRMS Benefits Messenger (SBM) is a Sage product that is used by Sage HRMS clients who have elected to do benefit administration in house and want to electronically update their benefit carriers with current and accurate employee benefit information.

  • SBM establishes the appropriate electronic communication between the client and the benefits carrier and extracts the benefit data from the Sage database, reformats it to meet the specific requirements of each benefits carrier, and then securely transmits it to the carriers over the internet.
  • SBM eliminates the costly errors associated with duplicate data entry and “missed enrollments” both during annual open enrollment periods and for employee changes throughout the year.

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Delphia Consulting, a recognized Sage Endorsed Development Partner, has served as a Sage business partner for over 15 years.