Sage Time and Attendance

Collect, analyze, and control employee attendance and labor data

Sage Time and AttendanceA Modern Time and Attendance System

Sage Time and Attendance saves most companies 3-5% expenses by providing  job allocation, scheduling, and time-off tracking. Move to a more modern time system with support for web, mobile, and biometric/swipe time punches.

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Deploy with Self-Service

Eliminate the burden of manual processes with employee and supervisor self-service features.


Managed by Teams 

Create, manage, and respond to requests, approvals, and alerts completely electronically.


Ensure Compliance

Ensure compliance with labor regulations regarding proof of attendance.


Perform Calculations

Accurately calculate complex rules for determining wages and labor allocations as well as complex accruals of time-off plans.


Collect Time

Easily collect, automate, and analyze employees’ time and attendance data related to employee hours worked and overtime.

Audit for Accuracy

Guarantee accuracy and compliance for all payroll information with audit functions.


Data Source Support

Supports web-based time clocks, mobile devices, biometric time clocks, badges, and telephony to offer a variety of data collection options.


Role-based Security

Role-based security delivers data only to authorized users.


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Modernize your time and attendance system

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Yes, the following can provide additional functionality:

This solution offers unique functionality that stands alone.

Sage Time and Attendance has many differentiators. It has built in integration to Sage HRMS so that new hires are automatically transferred to Sage Time & Attendance without having to rekey data. It also will transfer changes in employee data from HRMS including rate of pay, job changes, supervisor changes, etc.  It has built in alert functionality that can automatically notify supervisors of employees who are approaching overtime, have not shown up for their shift, or have punched in late.

Sage Time and Attendance relieves administrative burdens by automating manual processes, ensuring policies and procedures are followed, and alerting managers to policy and compliance violations in real time. It assists management proactively by providing a clear view of labor costs and facilitates this data flowing electronically to payroll. It also provides employees with self-service access to information that is important to them such as leave balance and time-off requests. Sage Time and Attendance helps an organization effectively maximize its ROEI (Return on Employee Investment).

Whether you are struggling with a paper-based or using a partially automated time and attendance process today, Sage Time and Attendance will fully automate your process from time collection to the point of payroll. Utilizing a paperless system saves time and money, offers real-time insight into labor costs, eliminates human error, and offers an opportunity to reduce or even eliminate overtime costs. Combine that with unparalleled accessibility for employees and managers via the internet browser-based user interface, and the amount of time needed to collect and approve data is also dramatically reduced. Less time spent collecting data for payroll equals a more efficient and more accurate payroll process.

Sage Time and Attendance has both built-in reporting templates that you can use “out of the box” or customize with your own filters, as well as a Data Query tool. The reporting options provide proactive analysis and empower management with the labor cost information it needs to make valuable decisions for the business. A full reports manual is available in PDF form and includes sample copies of all the standard report templates available.

Yes. Sage Time and Attendance is flexible enough to integrate and/or interface with Sage HRMS Time and Labor Import,  Sage Abra Suite Payroll, the Sage ERP products, Abila (formerly Sage Fund Accounting), and many other in-house and outsourced payroll solutions.

Yes. Sage Time and Attendance can be a component of your Sage HRMS solution or a stand-alone solution interfaced to your existing HR and/or Payroll solution.

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