Test Grading for Sage HRMS HR Actions

Streamline training and certification compliance by setting up customized online tests for employees

Test Grading for Sage HRMS HR Actions

Set up Custom Online Tests

Test Grading for Sage HRMS HR Actions is a plugin for Sage HRMS HR Actions that allows employers to set up custom online tests for their employees. The employer writes multiple choice or True/False questions and answers, sets the threshold for pass/fail, and Testing Grading does the rest. Tests are automatically graded, and results are immediately displayed for the employee.

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Completely Customizable

Determine type and number of questions, what content is covered, and how many questions must be answered correctly for employee to pass. Set the time between failed attempt and retake if applicable, and the number of times the test can be retaken.

Unlimited Number of Tests

Design and run as many tests as needed after learning the simple process.


Employee Initiated

Employee initiates the testing session at a work station, sees results immediately, and can retake the test if necessary.

Save Time and Money

Free HR personnel or managers from time consuming test administration and grading.

Stay Compliant

Many industries and companies are required to provide training in safety, product, or procedures. Some must certify employees in particular knowledge and skills before they are able to perform specific tasks. Test Grading for Sage HRMS HR Actions makes this simpler and keeps easily accessed records of tests and employee performance if needed for audits.


Reduce Waste

Tests and records are paperless, eliminating costly printed forms and storage space needed for them.


Create Online Tests for Employees using Sage HRMS HR Actions

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This solution is complete as offered. There are no optional components.

This solution offers unique functionality that stands alone.

This solution allows current or future HR Actions clients to add test process to their department without purchasing additional software that is often more expensive.

Unlimited. During implementation, you will learn the process of designing and using tests and will then be able to design as many custom tests as needed.

No. This solution uses true/false or multiple choice questions exclusively. The test taker can choose only one answer. You can configure multiple choice answers to provide a variety of combinations of answers. For example the answers to question 1. Could be:   1) a; 2) b; 3) c&d; 4) e; 5) none of the above.

A business that has benchmark skill sets, requires understanding of particular areas of information, or has anyone who administers multiple choice or true/false tests would benefit from this solution.  A company that needs training and certification records for audits or that has failed audits of this type would benefit from Test Grading for Sage HRMS HR Actions.

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Delphia Consulting, a recognized Sage Endorsed Development Partner, has served as a Sage business partner for over 15 years.