Multi-rater Feedback for Sage HRMS HR Actions

Automate the gathering of appraisal feedback from multiple employees

My Workforce Analyzer - Comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA)Streamline Performance Feedback Collection

Multi-rater Feedback for Sage HRMS HR Actions transforms the time-consuming process of gathering information for employee evaluations from outside the usual approval chain. Managers can quickly create and send customized, web-based performance appraisal forms to designated raters, monitor the status of their responses, and display results in the desired format. Requests are initiated and tracked within self-service, providing options for raters and employees to view the results.

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Streamline the Process

Automate requests for and tracking of information from multiple raters.

Easy Setup

First, define the pick list of possible multi-rater relationships to the individual being evaluated. Then, simply enable the Multi-rater functionality, and wizards will guide you through the creation of the appraisal form and sending the request.



Configure each appraisal form individually. You choose the required number of raters, decide which questions to ask, and determine whether to ask for comments.

Choose Raters

Select raters and define based on categories you create such as customer support, executive, peer, manager, etc.

Simultaneous Review

All raters can complete performance reviews at the same time, before delivering results to a manager to review and decide what to submit to employee.

Turn On/Off

Choose which forms use the multi-rater functionality. Decide how you want information displayed.


Initiate feedback requests and track their status from within self-service. With a click of a button, send reminder emails to the raters.


Display Results

Choose how results are displayed. Your options include showing the average score of all multi-raters by question, individual scores of each rater by question, rater comments by question, and the name of each rater by question. You determine who can view the results.


Save Time

Eliminate the need to constantly monitor feedback requests by automating the entire process from creating forms to viewing results.

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Efficiently collect and use feedback from multiple employees for evaluations and development

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Delphia Consulting, a recognized Sage Endorsed Development Partner, has served as a Sage business partner for over 15 years.