PrintBoss Enterprise Edition

Create checks and print, email, fax, or file them anywhere on your network

PrintBoss Enterprise Edition

An Easier, Faster Check Delivery Solution

Save money by using PrintBoss to print checks on blank stock and include company information, bank and routing numbers, check numbers, and secure signatures for an unlimited number of bank accounts. Move to a system that automates functions like archiving, emailing, and creating a positive pay file.

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Reduce Print Costs 

Save up to 80% of the cost or purchasing pre-printed checks and reduce the number of checks printed by automatically emailing Direct Deposit statements to employees. Using blank stock also eliminates time needed to change paper for different account batches.


Unlimited Accounts

Create an unlimited number of bank accounts and produce a check register for each, using different logos and signatures at no extra cost.


 Choose desired security level and print encrypted secure signatures automatically for each bank account based on dollar amount or other criteria.


Eliminate the need for purchasing new software or equipment. PrintBoss Integrates seamlessly with over 35 accounting programs and prints to HP compatible laser printers.


 Log in to make updates yourself including changes in account information, MICR, or check design.


Automates many functions eliminating duplicate entries, additional processing, manual signing or stamping, and more.


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Save money by using PrintBoss to email and print checks

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This solution is complete as offered. There are no optional components.

This solution offers unique functionality that stands alone.

PrintBoss is a flexible solution that gives you control over payroll checks while maintaining high levels of security. It enables you to create checks for multiple accounts and automates functions like creating positive pay files, archiving printed checks, and emailing EFT statements to employees. In addition to these advantages, PrintBoss will save your company time and money.

Yes. You can print multiple accounts using the same blank stock, eliminating the need to change paper stock for different accounts. Using blank stock not only saves time and money, but also allows you create secure text on the check.

Yes. Using Z-fold checks can reduce processing up to 90%.

Yes. You can also restrict who is authorized to do so, increasing security.

Yes. You can easily print multiple signatures.

Yes. You can use different logos for each account if desired.

Yes. There are three levels of security available. Signatures can be encrypted or password protected. You can set dollar limits for each signature and restrict high dollar checks from being signed without approval. Signature Key Disks unlock custom SIG files for added security.

PrintBoss automatically creates a positive pay file when a batch is printed. PrintBossaccommodates multiple bank accounts and matches individual bank requirements. You have the option to send files to the bank daily, weekly, etc.

A positive pay file is a list of check serial numbers and amounts created by the issuer of the checks. Banks match a presented check against this list and notify the issuer of any discrepancies before issuing funds. Positive pay is effective in eliminating check fraud.

Yes. PrintBoss will pick up the email address from a field in Crystal Reports and email the check stub to the employee.

Yes. PrintBoss automatically generates a PDF copy of your checks while printing them. It places PDF files in specific vendor or employee folders.

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