Sage 100 Payroll Link

Provides a seamless data link between Sage HRMS and Sage 100 Payroll simplifying the payroll process

Sage 100 Payroll Link

Manage Payroll from Within Sage HRMS 

Create a powerful connection between Sage HRMS and Sage 100 Payroll, enabling HR to create and maintain employee records within Sage HRMS and then automatically transfer required information to payroll. 

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Eliminate Data Entry

When employee settings and data fields are populated in both programs, all future additions, changes, and updates are entered into Sage HRMS, eliminating duplicate data entry. Shared information includes everything from employee numbers, earnings, deductions, benefits, tax withholding choices and more.

Reduce Errors

Run audit reports before the initial data transfer and then regularly to identify employee information discrepancies between the two programs. If found, the inconsistencies can be addressed through Sage HRMS, transferring changes to Sage 100 Payroll.


Streamline Processes

Transfer information between the two programs, eliminate duplicate data entry, and give HR more time to spend on strategic company goals

Multiple Job Codes 

Map multiple Sage HRMS job codes to a single Sage 100 Payroll labor code as necessary.


Transfer Absence Transactions

Enable employee absence transactions to be transferred from payroll to Time Off.

Automatic Field Mapping

Map 50 fields automatically between Sage 100 Payroll and Sage HRMS during the setup process. 


Easy Set-up

You can add it at any time from within Sage HRMS, and once added, it’s available on the Quick Launch toolbar. The six-step setup is easy, and initial data transfer is possible in either direction.

New Detail Page

Maintain employee payroll and tax information on the new detail page added to Sage HRMS when you install the Sage 100 Link (Sage 100 Payroll Setup page). This page includes tabs for payroll status, federal, state, and local taxes, and enables you to transfer all required or updated data to Sage 100 as needed for setup of employees’ payroll. The detail page is included in new hire, rehire, and job promotion actions.


Payroll Status and Tax Information

The Payroll Setup page’s “Payroll Status” tab provides fields including benefit code, auto pay, direct deposit, pay method, pension/profit sharing eligibility, and more. The Payroll Setup page includes tabs for federal, state, and local tax information. All tabs include fields for overriding normal tax calculation and options for customizing withholding tax amounts if desired. 

Explore the advantages of seamless data integration between Sage HRMS and Sage 100 Payroll.

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