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Leverage Delphia's team to migrate to the reliable SQL platform

Why Move From FoxPro to a SQL Database?

SQL Server and Visual FoxPro are two databases presently supported by Microsoft. Microsoft developed  SQL Server to be its high-end database for the Window’s environment. They had purchased Visual FoxPro, originally designed for the DOS operating system. SQL Server is a robust all-purpose database that can continue to expand as your company grows.  You are able to add more users by upgrading the hardware—a recent benchmark test supported up to 4,600 users.


Better Security

Your data is protected from unauthorized access by integrating network security with server security.  Since there is user level security, users can have restricted access to the data records.

Faster Processing 

SQL Server processes requests from users and sends only the requested results. This minimizes information transmitted over a network.

Easier Maintenance 

Maintenance is easy on SQL Server.  Both changes to the data structure and system back up are allowed while the server is active.


Sage HRMS on a SQL server is scalable, designed for organizations with anywhere from  50 to over 10,000 employees.



What’s New with Sage HRMS 2015

Employee Self-Service and Payroll Updates

The master password process now offers
increased security for administrators in ESS, extended general ledger support, G/L segments for Worker’s Compensation, update to local taxes audit report, gross up calculator, etc.

Support for Affordable Care Act Reporting

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is bringing significant changes to the healthcare system—and causing quite a few headaches. Your employees are going to have more questions than ever about their benefits, and researching and answering them is going to take valuable time. 

Software Updates

New functionality is available in Sage HRMS including the ability to quickly and easily search for employees by entering the first few digits of an employee’s ID, first name, or last name; the ability to hide inactive or expired HR/employee codes; and additional user security features. 


Enhanced Reporting Functionality

Easily create custom SAP Crystal Reports and ad hoc reports for any payroll and HR information in the program.

The Benefits of Moving to Sage HRMS
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Automated SQL Migration for Sage HRMS Streamlines Payroll Conversion

Payroll Comparison Tool

ASM allows you and your team to spend your valuable time validating the results of your HR and Payroll testing and eliminates the time required on maintaining employee data in two systems. Run it in the morning and do a parallel payroll after lunch. There’s no need to search for differences in the parallel.

Streamlined Implementation

Using Delphia’s tools and experienced migration team, migration projects can be significantly shorter with phased payroll go-lives and improved ability to test employee data. 

Concise Reporting

ASM compares each line of the Abra Suite paycheck to the parallel in SQL, filters out what agrees, and provides a concise report listing only the differences. When the root causes of the differences have been corrected, just start the process over.


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Delphia Consulting, a recognized Sage Endorsed Development Partner, has served as a Sage business partner for over 15 years.

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Delphia Consulting, a recognized Sage Endorsed Development Partner, has served as a Sage business partner for over 15 years.