Application Services for Sage HRMS (Hosting)

By hosting and managing your Sage HRMS and Payroll software at a secure co-location center, Delphia Consulting can help your organization reduce the cost of staffing internal IT resources, eliminate the resource constraints of self-hosting, and maintain assurance that their Sage HRMS applications are properly installed, configured, and maintained in a secure environment.

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Reduce IT Cost

Often your IT staff can’t allocate a sufficient amount of time or resources to become experts at Sage HRMS. It can be costly for staff to maintain software licenses, coordinate upgrades, properly configure IT infrastructure for Sage HRMS, etc.


Specialized Hosting

If your organization has decided to try hosting Sage HRMS applications using an external hosting provider, you are likely to face challenges with the provider’s lack of Sage HRMS expertise. Proper installation, maintenance, and fine-tuning require a specialist. Additionally, you may also find the lower costs of some hosting services will result in higher costs in the future due to performance problems.


Top-Notch Services

Let Delphia Consulting’s highly experienced team of IT consultants and software engineers bring their decades of experience with Sage HRMS and Payroll to your company.



Sage HRMS Software Management

  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Scheduled Updates, Fixes, and Patches
  • Fast Deployment and Installation
  • Optimized IT infrastructure
  • Continual Fine-Tuning


Reliable & Secure Co-location Center


Delphia Consulting’s co-location center partner uses a hosting infrastructure featuring redundant systems for power, ventilation and air conditioning, physical security, monitoring, and networking. Our partner uses top of the line Cisco, Dell, HP, and Liebert equipment to ensure top performance and reliability.

  • Multiple Fiber Optic Connections
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • Built-in Redundancy
  • Best-in-Class Air Handling Capabilities
  • 24/7 Remote Surveillance

Best-in-Class Hardware

  • Ensure a quality experience with hardware optimized for Sage HRMS
  • Enterprise Class Hardware
  • Custom Firewall and VPN
  • 2048-Bit Encryption
  • Multiple Layers of Systems Security

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This solution is complete as offered. There are no optional components.

This solution offers unique functionality that stands alone.

Delphia hosts its hardware on Enterprise class Dell servers with redundant power supplies and fully mirrored disks.

We host our Application Services off-site at a co-location center which is connected to the internet at gigabit speeds.

No client has ever exceeded 30 Mbps.

Each night, full database backups are done automatically and sent off-site to a secure backup repository. Windows backups are also run each night, but they are stored locally within the co-location center.

The center has one commercial power feed which is split into two parts. Each part has a separate standby power generator. The entire facility can run on one generator. These dual power feeds are fed through dual UPS so that each individual server is fed by two separate UPS protected power feeds.

The connection is made directly to a single backbone provider, Level 3.

Level 3 does occasionally have network issues that affect portions of our customer base. In two years, Level 3 has had two outages. One outage was resolved in a few hours; the other outage lasted about eight hours.

Security is handled in these ways:

  • All access to the environment is over SSL [i.e., encrypted links].
  • Firewalls block all incoming ports except the SSL ports.
  • HR users have access limited to only their virtual workstations.
  • Users have limited permissions on their virtual workstations (i.e., cannot install software).
  • Access to core services is blocked to all except Application Services administrative staff.

Operations are managed in these ways:

  • All systems level administration (Windows Updates, Application Software Updates, backups, configurations) is handled by Application Services staff only.
  • Designated client administrators have access to a web interface that allows them to
    • Restart virtual workstations
    • End user sessions on virtual workstations
    • Disable users
    • Force password resets for specific users
  • Any user can use the web interface to
    • Reset their password
    • Restart their personal virtual workstation

Software Publisher

Delphia Consulting, a recognized Sage Endorsed Development Partner, has served as a Sage business partner for over 15 years.

Delphia Consulting is a Sage Authorized Partner

Delphia Consulting, a recognized Sage Endorsed Development Partner, has served as a Sage business partner for over 15 years.