Sage HRMS and Workflow Actions Module

Trigger the delivery of data in various ways through a sequence of events

Sage HRMS Alerts & Workflow Actions Module

Initiate a Sequence of Events

The foundation of Sage HRMS Alerts & Workflow is the Alerts module. The Alerts module allows a client to monitor an application for unlimited conditions and trigger alerts (via email, fax, text message, web dashboard, and FTP) to an unlimited number of recipients – both inside and outside an organization. Adding the Sage HRMS Alerts and Workflow Actions Module provides the ability to trigger a series of events or processes to add, update, or deliver information. 

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Export Data

Export triggered event data (the details of conditions that have occurred) to an external file, such as a comma-separated or tab-delimited file.

Add Information to Database(s)

Take triggered event data and use it to add information to one or more application databases. (This is facilitated via a collection of API tools, from wizard-driven APIs to integration with programming toolsets.)



Update Database(s) 

Take triggered event data and use it to update information to one or more application databases. (This is facilitated via a collection of API tools, from wizard-driven APIs to integration with programming toolsets.)



Move Data Between Applications 

Take triggered event data from one application and move that data into one or more other applications.


Trigger Reports in Non-Crystal Reporting Engines

Configure an event to trigger reports in non-Crystal reporting engines, such as Sage Intelligence, Stimulsoft reports, and other such solutions.

Trigger Procedures in 3rd Party Applications

Trigger the execution of programs or procedures in third-party (external to Alerts & Workflow) business applications.


Blog Posts

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Authority to Approve vs. Need to Know

July 28th, 2015|0 Comments

Moving from paper to Sage HRMS HR Actions is the time to carefully review the approval process for every transaction and take the opportunity to streamline it. Start by separating true "Approvers" from "Need to Knows."

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42 Ways to Add Alerts and Workflow to HR

July 22nd, 2015|0 Comments

"If only we had known..." Have you ever uttered those words? All of us in HR have plenty of times when they would be appropriate: An employee's work anniversary date slipped by without notice, a new hire arrived on her first day without the documents HR needed for paperwork, COBRA benefits information wasn't mailed out to a former employee, or someone's certification expired...

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Streamline processes by automating data delivery via a sequence of events

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Vinyardsoft develops alert and notification technology that works with almost every Front-Office and Back-Office application on the market today.

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Sage has put this product through additional paces and QA testing, and verified that it meets the highest strategic and technology benchmarks to align with Sage core solutions.

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