Sage HRMS Benefits Enrollment

Streamline the enrollment process by empowering employees to compare benefit plans, calculate costs, and enroll in their chosen plan online

My Workforce Analyzer - Comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA)Sage HRMS Benefits Enrollment

Sage Benefits Enrollment moves benefits open enrollment online. Employees need no training to make benefits elections through a single online portal. Easy step-by-step wizards guide administrators through the benefit plan setup process and walk employees through open enrollment. 

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Guided Set-Up

Easy-to-use wizards guide administrators through the benefit plan setup process. HR staff can easily monitor the progress of employees in the open enrollment process and send customizable reminder emails to employees.

Employees Choose Plans

Employees choose from plans that are applicable to them based on an extensive list of benefit plan eligibility criteria. Employees can easily compare current benefit elections with alternative benefit plans.

Reduce Costs and Errors

The entire organization benefits by significantly reducing time delays and errors due to manual processing, paperwork, and postage.


Display Provider Links

Create mandatory forms 1094-C and 1095-C to comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).


Post Company Plans

Use with Sage HRMS Payroll or import using payroll data in CSV format.

Provide Information Access

File forms 1094-C and 1095-C with the IRS using Aatrix services.



Employee Self-Service

Employees can view and update information anytime, anywhere, including marital status, dependents, and even link directly to providers.


Modernize Your Benefits Enrollment System

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This solution is complete as offered. There are no optional components.

Set up eligibility for each benefit plan. Only those plans an employee is eligible for will display to the employee during open enrollment or life event changes.

The enrollment data is used to update the database in Sage HRMS. From Sage HRMS, the Sage HRMS Benefits Messenger utility can be added in order to transmit data electronically (and securely) to the insurance carriers and companies.

Yes. In order for employees to submit their enrollment information, they have to enter certain criteria, which are date and time stamped, then stored as their electronic signatures for the benefits enrollment process.

Yes. Although missing information is flagged, and the employee is informed before they can proceed to submit their enrollment information, the Benefits Administrator can reject the enrollment submitted and return a note attached to it with further instructions to the employee.

The employee can request benefits changes outside of the Open Enrollment period by accessing the Life Events features and proceeding through the steps to request changes to their benefits.

Yes. Sage Benefits Enrollment provides a summary at the end of the enrollment process that can be printed or saved by the employee.

No. Sage Benefits Enrollment does not support and is not set up for passive enrollments. Elections must be made by the employee every year in order to keep annual benefits enrollment records.

Benefits Administrators, as well as any approver(s), will receive email notifications with links to Sage Employee Self Service where they can proceed to approve or reject the request.

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