Sage HRMS Xport ADP

Reduce data entry with a fast, accurate transfer of payroll data from Sage HRMS to the third-party payroll service, ADP

Sage HRMS Xport ADPTransfer Data to ADP 

Sage HRMS to ADP Xport extracts employee data including demographic, job, pay, benefits calculations, and tax information and exports two properly formatted comma-delimited files for import into ADP’s PC Exchange/Workforce Now module.

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Reduce Data Entry 

Send employee information without the need to enter data in two systems.


Provides extensive reporting capabilities for change and new hires.

Benefit Data 

Benefit calculations are translated to match the proper deduction codes.

Tax Information 

Use a custom panel in Sage HRMS to generate W-4 and other tax information to export.

Other Demographic Data 

Properly formats Sage HRMS employee data such as demographic, job and pay information.

Easily export data from Sage HRMS to ADP

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This solution is complete as offered. There are no optional components.

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