Sage HRMS Cyber Train

An online training management solution that maintains workforce compliance and streamlines the training process

Sage HRMS Cyber Train

A Complete Learning Management System

Sage HRMS Cyber Train is a full-service training management solution including features like employee certification tracking, testing, alerting, content deployment, reimbursement requests, and more. Ensure your employees receive the training they need on time, every time with Sage HRMS Cyber Train.

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Track Employee Training

View and track employee and non-employee training information online such as requirements, certifications, and current enrollments.



Provide Employee Access 

Provide role-based access to a self-service portal for accessing up-to-date training information. 



Set-up Status Notifications 

Set-up notifications to administrators and employees on upcoming certifications set to expire. 



Deploy Training Content 

Provide various types of training content including: SOP, in-house documentation, client-built training, or purchased content.



Various Product Levels 

Sage HRMS Cyber Train is available in three levels for organizations of different sizes, industries, etc.

  • Express: Designed to meet the needs of organizations that require a solid solution without the “extras” they won’t use. A full-service training management solution.
  • Professional: Adds features like external class requests, alerts, tuition reimbursements, ad-hoc report writing capabilities, and more.
  • Enterprise: Manages all subsidiaries/groups effortlessly. Perfect for the organization with multiple entities.


Start delivering the right training at the right time

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No other solutions are required. This can be a stand-alone solution.

This solution is complete as offered. There are no optional components.

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Sage has put this product through additional paces and QA testing, and verified that it meets the highest strategic and technology benchmarks to align with Sage core solutions.