Sage HRMS HR Actions Dynamic Forms Checklist

Makes completing a list of forms as easy as possible for employees

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Employees Get the Right Forms at the Right Time

When new hires or employees need to complete a required list of forms, it’s usually a chore for them to see what forms are required, locate the right forms, and figure out what’s already been completed or understand the routing to management. You can provide employees a customizable widget located on the center frame of a custom page in Employee Self Service that displays a controlled list of forms, the status of those forms, and direct links for performing actions on those forms.

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How HR Can Improve Processes with this Widget in ESS

The convenient interface is an alternative to the pull-down list of all forms accessible to the employee within the traditional HR Actions Self-service interface. By streamlining and simplifying these processes, human resources can improve how they communicate required actions with employees and provide them with a more user-friendly and reliable approach to onboarding requirements, annual performance reviews, or other recurring forms.

Performance Reviews

Automate the display of performance appraisal forms due for completion based on review date criteria.


Set visibility criteria based on hire date to display a list of required new-hire forms such as I-9, Federal and state W-4, handbook acknowledgment, etc.

Policies and Procedures

Display relevant new policies to employees for acknowledgment as they become available.

Improve Tracking

Give managers ability to view the status of form completion by their direct reports or let employees see when forms are completed or routed for approval in employee self-service.  


Streamline Form Completion

Provide employees with a more efficient and effective means for completing a list of required forms.

Set Visibility Criteria

Set criteria for when forms become visible. Employees see the right forms, at the right time.



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Onboarding New Hires in the 21st Century

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Get the right forms in the right hands

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This solution is complete as offered. There are no optional components.

The following provide similar functionality or compliment this solution:
Sage HRMS HR Actions I-9

No. Onboarding can be accomplished with only Sage HRMS HR Actions.  However, the addition of Sage Employee Self Service and Sage HRMS HR Actions Dynamic Forms Checklist provides a superior user experience for the employees.

Yes. You can control the order of forms in a list, so you can present them in a logical manner within the list.

Yes. When you define a list, you can specify criteria to determine which employees view the list. You can also specify criteria for each form within a list. For example, an onboarding list could contain W-4 forms for every state where you have locations, but an employee would only view the forms for their specific locations (based on form criteria).

Yes. Any lists that are visible to the employee will display on the same page in Sage Employee Self Service.

No. Email notification can be done manually or by using Sage HRMS Alerts and Workflow (with a similar criteria to what was set to display the list).

Yes, they are each sold separately. The only module dependency is Sage HRMS HR Actions.

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