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Sage HRMS HR Actions® eliminates the administrative burden of paperwork by providing online forms, covering the entire employment lifecycle, for Sage HRMS. Whether initiated by an employee, manager, or HR staff, Sage HRMS HR Actions electronically routes forms for approval and saves data directly into Sage HRMS. Use and customize the 40+ forms included with Sage HRMS HR Actions or quickly build your own web-based forms without any programming.

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No Manual Data Entry in to Sage HRMS

When a Sage HRMS HR Actions Administrator completes and reviews a form, data from form fields driven by Sage HRMS is electronically updated in Sage HRMS and the form is saved in the electronic personnel file. No manual data entry in to Sage HRMS means easier data collection, faster data processing, and no errors.


Electronic Routing Slip

Create an electronic routing slip for each form. Approvers can be combinations of managers in the employee’s chain of command, executives, role based (e.g., Payroll Manager), and HR associates. Emails automatically notify approvers when they have a form to review for approval.





Forms for the Entire Employment Lifecycle

A few examples of the forms you can deploy in Sage HRMS HR Actions include:

  • Requisition to Hire
  • New Hire
  • W-4
  • I-9
  • FMLA/LOA Request
  • Pay Status Changes
  • Transfer
  • OHSA Incident
  • Goal Setting
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Termination/


Goal Setting & Performance Appraisals

Expedite performance appraisals and goal setting using web-based forms. Capture field data in a SQL database, providing a large dataset for strategic “big data” analysis.


Unlimited Number of Forms

Build an unlimited number of forms. Your Sage HRMS employee license tier, not the number of forms, determines the price of Sage HRMS HR Actions.


Monitor Workflow

Monitor the status of forms being routed for approval with a dashboard. See where the form is on the electronic routing slip, who’s left to approve the form and, the form details.


Strategically Route Forms

Extend the routing of a form to the right people and enforce your organization’s approval process by using business routing rules based on conditional logic and data in Sage HRMS or on the form. A few examples include:

  • A raise greater than 10% requires Executive approval.
  • A bonus more than $2000 requires the approval of two Managers in the chain of command.
  • A performance rating less than “Meets Expectations” requires Training Manager approval.

No Programming to Create or Edit Forms

Move through the process of building a new form using a A step-by-step form building wizard.

Form fields can be a mixture of:

  • Sage HRMS fields, including payroll and custom details (excluding benefits)
  • Questions, with optional scoring and comment areas
  • User defined fields to capture data not stored in Sage HRMS

Robust Question Control

Sage HRMS HR Actions forms can include robust question fields. Questions can be fixed, generated by role, or open for editing by the employee or manager (or both). The employee, their manager, or both can comment on a question or assign a rating (i.e., Exceeds Expectations) if rating/scoring is enabled. An additional option is rolling goals over into questions on a Performance Appraisal form.


Control Routing of Forms in Workflow

Administrators can control the routing on forms through the Sage HRMS HR Actions dashboard. Control the flow of a form—stop it, skip an approver, or push it through the routing process.


Completed Forms Available in an Online Personnel File

Completed forms are available for viewing online and searchable by several attributes including employee, initiator, and form name. Forms can have up to five file attachments (i.e., PDF, Word, Excel), which are also available for viewing.

Detailed Change Log Data for Every Form

Approver comments and actions are logged with a date and time stamp. Audit trails changes made to form field values by approvers or administrators, including the date of a change, who made the change, and the type of change.


Extensible Platform for Paperless HR Solutions

Plugins for Sage HRMS HR Actions extend the functionality to include: paperless I-9 and W-4 forms, carry over goals for performance review forms, interfaces to recruiting systems to populate new hire forms, dynamic forms checklists to create lists of forms, and position control for position based organizations.



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Yes. Sage HRMS HR Actions comes with a standalone web interface for end users (managers and employees) and for administrators. If you have Sage Employee Self Service, Sage HRMS HR Actions can also integrate with the Sage Employee Self Service web application. Sage Employee Self Service users do have an additional plugin available that allows them to present users with a checklist of forms.

Unlimited. Sage HRMS HR Actions allow you to build and deploy as many forms you like. Some clients deploy the same form in multiple languages to provide better service to their workforce, without incurring any additional costs. Your employee license count, not by the number of forms, determines the price of Sage HRMS HR Actions.

Yes. You can build or edit forms using an eight-step wizard. No programming is required. Sage HRMS HR Actions also contains a robust set of forms that you can use as a starting point to create your own forms, or even use right out of the box.

Yes. Sage HRMS HR Actions allow you to build forms with all of the fields from Sage HRMS (excluding benefit fields), your own user defined fields (i.e.; text boxes, check boxes) and question fields (which also support comments and ratings). This means you can build forms that support the entire employee lifecycle, from a new hire through status changes to performance review and goal setting to separation.

Yes. You can deploy Sage HRMS HR Actions as a secure application that is available over the internet, just like a banking or shopping application. Users can then access the application from a mobile device through an internet browser. Sage HRMS HR Actions is not available as a mobile app.

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