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Enterprise Global and Cloud Human Capital Management

At Last: The People Management System You’ve Been Waiting For Is Here

Sage People is a new Human Capital Management system designed to solve workforce challenges of midsize organizations and meet the needs of growing and global organizations.

Attract top talent, develop your best people, make informed decisions, and deliver engaging workforce experiences with the world’s most innovative and scalable Human Capital Management system.

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Comprehensive HR and People Management

Powerful and easy-to-use software that provides actionable insights, automates repetitive tasks, and creates great workforce experiences

Dashboards, analytics, and customized reports deliver accurate and reliable information about all aspects of your workforce.

  • Use drag and drop tools in dynamic reports that provide different views of your organization so you can answer questions with confidence.
  • Identify trends and patterns with reports that are easy to create and turn into visual dashboards and charts.
  • Conduct “what-if” analysis with drill-down reports and charts that don’t require IT intervention.
  • Utilize scheduled reports to ensure your management team always has the latest information.
Hire the best people, faster. Make a great first impression with seamless candidate experiences and paperless onboarding.

  • Recruit, select, and onboard effortlessly, automatically converting candidates into employees.
  • Connect with more candidates using multi-channel sourcing, social recruitment, multiple job boards posting, Google search, and post code / zip code radius searches.
  • Speed up your selection and shortlisting with automated résumé parsing, reference checking, interview booking, and aptitude and psychometric testing.
  • Get full visibility of talent pools, manage candidate selection, and keep hiring managers up to date with candidate alerts.
Finally get all your people information in one place. A single, secure system of record covers every member of the workforce so you can better manage your employees.

  • Store personal and contact details, work, passport & visa information, dependents, emergency contacts, education, qualifications, skill sets, and attainment records in one place.
  • Keep complete records of salary, bonus, commission, stock options, and benefits—including history—for each employee.
  • Create dynamic, searchable organizational charts so it’s easy to find colleagues and see their reporting lines.
  • Help people find and contact each other quickly with click to call and click to email.
  • Empower people to update and maintain their personal information, absence, and attendance through a self-service portal so HR spends less time updating records.
Capture, identify, manage, and report on attendance and leave management for your entire global workforce.

  • Get support for positive (attendance) and negative (absence) time management.
  • Configure annual allocation or accrued-as-worked policies with multiple vacation and absence options.
  • Enable team members to schedule paid time off using self-service with supporting workflows routing to management line for approval.
  • Get complete visibility of all employee’s attendance and absence through integrated metrics, reporting, and dashboards.
Sage People enables you to manage compensation and benefits across your organization.

  • Manage eligibility rules in open enrollment for benefits, enhanced calculations, and rate tables.
  • Provide a single system of record for all people information that will integrate seamlessly with multiple payrolls, benefit carriers, and other third-party applications.
  • Use on-demand reports, dashboards, and analytics to keep track of all payroll, compensation, and benefits.
  • Undertake comprehensive salary and bonus planning for the whole company.
From simple real-time feedback and instant recognition to rigorous goal setting and formal performance reviews, Sage People supports a range of performance frameworks.

  • Set company-wide and manager-cascaded objectives with a range of time, priority, and visibility options.
  • Collect and collate 360 feedback from internal team members and managers as well as external competency assessors.
  • Capture recommendations for on-the-job training, mentoring, and development, and create action plans with target dates.
  • Provide a channel for instant recognition outside of formal reviews, with links to job profile and competencies.
  • Set HR controls around the recognition process, such as limiting how often recognition can be given or excluding specific individuals.
Great workplace experiences help drive productivity and retain top talent. Keep your workforce connected, engaged, and informed.

  • Make it easy to work on the go with a web-based platform that’s available on laptops, smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices.
  • Engage your people through a single, easy-to-use, company-branded self-service portal.
  • Reduce information overload and keep your global employees informed with key business updates and company news.
  • Post corporate videos, news, town hall updates, company social feeds (e.g., Twitter), images, awards, and more.
  • Communicate essential HR information like compliance or training requirements, corporate social responsibility updates, and company surveys.
Sage People is built and hosted on the Salesforce App Cloud, the world’s leading enterprise cloud platform. Trusted by users around the world, it offers unparalleled reliability, secure access, privacy, and availability.

  • Take advantage of advanced security, elastic scalability, and open APIs for smooth third-party integration.
  • Meet compliance requirements with standards like ISO27001:2013 certification for all core business activities relating to operational delivery.
  • Benefit from industry-leading operational, physical, network, host, and database security best practices that deliver confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
  • Connect quickly and easily to multiple third-party applications, including payrolls, benefits, and financials.

Empower Your People and Your Business

For HR Leaders

  • Enables faster decision making by providing rapid, evidence-based answers to your questions
  • Delivers instant, real-time workforce visibility with dashboards and analytics
  • Provides accurate and reliable information about what people are doing and where
  • Gives access to real-time data about any part of your workforce, from anywhere you have internet access

For Employees

  • Provides better candidate and workforce experience, easier onboarding
  • Supports career growth and skill development opportunities
  • Facilitates communication with management, easier feedback
  • Helps people feel connected and stay current with key information, business priorities, and how they align with the bigger picture
  • Allows workforce to use their preferred apps and devices from anywhere with internet access

For Your Business

  • Supports better people-based decisions, based on employee data
  • Provides immediate access to key reports and information for faster, more accurate decision making
  • Speeds up processes and actions with workforce automation, increasing employee productivity
  • Increases understanding of individual employees, helping you respond to emerging problems with appropriate actions before they escalate

Built on the Salesforce App Cloud
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