Software Selection

Delphia invests the time to help you select the right solution

Selecting the right HR software can be a daunting task.

We make selecting the right software less overwhelming. Many software packages claim they solve all of your issues, but the devil is in the details. Following our 5 Ds process ensures you have all the information you need before you make a choice.

Are the solutions we represent right for you? Honestly, we don’t know yet. But we are confident that if you engage us and follow our process, you’ll find the solution that exactly meets your needs based on your objective criteria. We hope it’s one of our solutions, but if it’s not, that’s OK, too.

Delphia’s approach: The 5 Ds of effective software selection process

We ensure your success by following a process that enables us to mutually explore your issues and desired results. We take the time necessary to gain a full understanding of exactly what you are trying to accomplish. We pride ourselves on developing cost-effective recommendations that pay for themselves. We treat your budget like our own. If our recommendation cannot be economically justified, it probably should not be adopted.


We facilitate discussions to gain an understanding and define your issues and desired results. 


Requirements, constraints, and success factors are discussed with each stakeholder—this assures a productive demonstration.


Once we have a clear understanding, our job is to demonstrate how our recommendation will work for you.


If you chose to continue the conversation, we will explore and delineate resource requirements for the implementation.


Following our 5 Ds selection process makes deciding to move forward, or not, a decision that is informed and well reasoned.



Delphia Consulting is a Sage Authorized Partner

Delphia Consulting, a recognized Sage Endorsed Development Partner, has served as a Sage business partner for over 15 years.