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Simplify timekeeping with secure, accurate time collection

Screen shot of page in computer program TimeStar by Insperity

Web punching 

Gather time data for your employees from almost any computer.




Screen shot of Time Collection page on a mobile device

Mobile punching 

Collect remote workers’ hours easily using mobile and telephony technology.




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Biometric time clocks 

Take timekeeping accuracy and security to a new level.


 Save money

No need to invest in additional hardware, maintain a badge system, or deal with administrative costs.



Provide easy access

Employees can enter time anywhere they have access to a web browser and internet connection.

Use mobile tech

Enable remote employees to use browser-enabled smartphones and tablets to clock time from any location.



Call in

Using a touchtone phone, employees can enter their time using the keypad.

Stop time theft

Use fingerprint ID and hand geometry to prevent “buddy punching.”



Provide easy access

Employees can enter time anywhere they have access to a web browser and internet connection.

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insperity access time clock

Transforms timekeeping with multi-functional, tablet-style time clock 

Insperity® Access™ Time Clock features a 10-inch color touchscreen with intuitive user interface, and it arrives ready to track and approve time cards. With it employees can view their scheduling history including accrual time, org level, hours by pay type, time off, etc. It also has bells to signal shift changes, lunches, or breaks.

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Multiple features

Delivers UPS battery backup, six USB ports for peripherals, and a resistive touch screen that avoids false triggering.

Self service

Use self service and familiar touchscreen functionality to navigate menus and to access and review information.

Remote diagnostics

Address issues that arise with the help of Insperity’s support team who connect directly to the clock and troubleshoot from their location.

Easy setup 

Plug in and go, that’s it. Insperity does all the programming and setup on the backend.


Use the POE option, powering clocks over Ethernet when outlets are unavailable.


options 

Choose from Key Pin Entry, Barcode or Proximity Reader, Magnetic Strip Reader, or Finger Print Biometric.


Support sustainable practices: Insperity® Access™ Time Clocks are made of recyclable, polycarbonate composite and use a mercury-free, LED backlit screen.


Real-time cloud info 

Avoid delays in transferring punches to the software with Service Management Layer (SML) that automatically sends clock data to time and attendance, communicating through firewalls if necessary.

Streamline timekeeping with up-to-date technology

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