TimeSimplicity Scheduling

Web-based scheduling and electronic schedule notifications

TimeSimplicity SchedulingSimplify Employee Scheduling

Integrates with Sage Time and Attendance to provide workforce labor management with web-based scheduling, and electronic schedule notifications to employees. TimeSimplicity will ensure the right employee is on the job and that your schedule is right the first time.

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For Small to Large Companies

Whether you manage a team at a small company and just can’t keep wasting time making and changing the schedule, or at a larger company where you can’t possibly remember all your employees’ unique scheduling needs, TimeSimplicity will ensure the right employee is on the job and that your schedule is right the first time.

On Premise or SaaS Option

TimeSimplicity offers either a licensed model (on premise) or Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. Both products offer the same features and benefits. A third option is to purchase the licensed product and have it hosted in TimeSimplicity’s data center for a nominal monthly expense.

Intuitive Interface

TimeSimplicity’s intuitive interface helps organize and focus your unique scheduling challenges. The feature set streamlines the entire scheduling process to save time and money and, ultimately, improve your employees’ job satisfaction.


Benefits of TimeSimplicity

  • Saves time because of its ease of use
  • Identifies coverage, reduces overtime, and balances workloads
  • Promotes collaboration and work flow of changes from the employee to the manager and back for schedule changes, swapping, etc.
  • Assures skill set compliance by ensuring the correct employees are scheduled to meet operational requirements
  • Creates company-wide visibility to scheduling
  • Streamlines the entire scheduling process by eliminating manual processes and allowing changes on the fly


Features of TimeSimplicity

  • Create a trade board for your employees
  • Give managers ability to quickly monitor and approve shift changes online
  • Eliminate messy scratch-outs or schedule confusion
  • Add email and text alerts for schedule changes and events
  • Fully integrate with time and attendance systems like Sage Time and Attendance
  • Drag-n-drop shifts where you need them
  • View schedules by any grouping of weeks, daily scheduling with Gantt chart styles—review coverage by position in hourly, one-half  hour, twenty-minute, or fifteen-minute increments
  • Color-coordinate shifts for quick identification of times or position
  • Fits any screen and maximizes high resolution monitors
  • Role-based security system
  • Input your daily hourly demands by position and have schedule bar display the difference between scheduled and standard
  • Color-code positive and negative results to quickly identify over/under scheduling
  • Create employee filtering using the advanced query feature; filter the displayed employees using full Boolean logic expressions using the wizard


Improve how you schedule employees

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This solution is complete as offered. There are no optional components.

This solution offers unique functionality that stands alone.

Software Publisher

TimeSimplicity has decades of experience building, implementing, and supporting mid-market to enterprise-sized clients for time and attendance solutions.

Delphia Consulting is a Sage Authorized Partner

Delphia Consulting, a recognized Sage Endorsed Development Partner, has served as a Sage business partner for over 15 years.

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