Get the most out of your software by properly training employees

Training increases user productivity and prolongs your software’s life.

Properly training users is the best way to ensure you get the most out of your HR and payroll software. If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, consider allowing our experienced consultants to address your needs: 

  • Have you had staff turnover and need to bring new staff up to speed quickly? 
  • Are you not taking advantage of features of software?
  • Have you inherited your HR software and need to fully understand how it works?
  • Are you a long-time user and need a refresher on its full capabilities or newest features?

Whether you have a new user, just need a refresher, or are finally ready to tackle Crystal Reports, we can tailor a training curriculum to meet your exact requirements. Hands-on training delivery options are available through subscription.

Premium Support and Training 

Clients can take advantage of two subscription options that allow for on-demand support and training year-round, without the hassle of standard billing for support requests. 

  • Premium Support and Training is an annual subscription that gives you unlimited access to certified support technicians for up to 20 minutes per incident. You never have to hesitate to pick up the phone when you have a quick question. When you call, you talk directly with a certified support technician, not a call center support representative.
  • Premium Support and Training Video Library is the recorded training videos available in an online portal. Organizations will receive a login to access the videos. 


Training TypeDescription 
Live Web-based An instructor teaches, and employees participate, real-time in an online environment. 
Recorded Web-BasedEmployees watch recording training webinars and sessions delivered by instructor. 
An instructor-led training in a traditional classroom setting in which employees learn and practice face-to-face with instructor.
Off-site in-personAn instructor-led training in a traditional classroom setting in which employees learn and practice face-to-face with instructor. 


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