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With beginnings rooted in the purchase of a single Piggly Wiggly supermarket in 1966, JTM Corporation is a family-run business that operates or manages 19 Piggly Wiggly supermarkets in the Columbus, Alabama area. The corporation also owns 8 shopping center properties, each with a Piggly Wiggly anchor store. JTM employs about 950 people, and for almost 20 years, has used Sage accounting and payroll products to keep everything running smoothly. Recently, JTM decided to make the move from Sage Abra Suite (a FoxPro-based system) to Sage HRMS (a SQL-based system).


JTM had been having some problems with the Abra Suite system and wanted to move to something with a more robust and stable platform. Pleased with the performance of Sage products in the past, transitioning to Sage HRMS was a logical choice.


JTM was hesitant to migrate from Abra Suite to Sage HRMS as the process seemed complex. However, Cherry Williamson, owner of Emerald TC, JTM’s Sage HRMS Business Partner, suggested they work together with Delphia Consulting to streamline the move using Automated SQL Migration for Sage Abra Suite (ASM) by Delphia Consulting. ASM was created and tested to simplify and speed up the process of moving data from Abra Suite to Sage HRMS. ASM eliminates the need to enter data into both Abra Suite and Sage HRMS.                  


Delphia Consulting supported Cherry and her client through the migration process, providing a project manager who answered questions, completed the back-end work, and led the payroll team through the steps using the ASM Fast Track Methodology. One week the payroll ran using Abra Suite, and the next week, with all the data moved seamlessly into the new program, payroll ran through Sage HRMS without a problem.

JTM now has a payroll system in place that runs on a platform fully supported by Microsoft and their Sage Business Partner.

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The Delphia consulting team was very easy to work with. They assigned us a project manager. We could not have asked for anyone to be more responsive to our needs and to make sure that all our data was moved from our old system as smoothly as possible. We were processing our payroll on our old Sage Abra system one week. The next week, all the information was moved over right into the new HRMS product.
Keith Milligan, Controller, JTM Corporation