Project Description

L&M Fleet Supply was one of the first merchants to buy directly from factories and sell directly to the consumer. Starting in 1959 with one store in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, L&M Supply now employs 700 people and includes nine retail store locations and one corporate office/distribution center spreading across Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin.



L&M faced challenges in their migration process including:

  • Restructuring the current employer configuration they used in Abra Suite since several of their nine stores were their own companies
  • Making sure consolidated company data was directed to the right spot


Using their best practice methodology and their migration tool, later known as Automated SQL Migration for Sage Abra Suite (ASM), Delphia Consulting migrated L&M to Sage HRMS without disruption to payroll or other processes. Delphia helped them consolidate several of their companies.
L&M added a number of Delphia-developed modules that enhance Sage HRMS Payroll’s functionality:


Erik Andersen, Partner and VP of Finance, offers these observations:

  • “Quarter End and Year End Closes are much easier now. Backups are stress-free and much quicker. I don’t have to kick everybody out of the system all the time anymore.”
  • “Consolidation of our companies makes prepping for tax filings easier. We used to hire an outside accounting firm but now do it in-house. We file with Aatrix who does everything for one small fee.”
  • “Garnishment Manager keeps us compliant with the laws and processes garnishments in a structured way; nothing gets missed. They are easily calculated and added to the check, saving payroll lots of time.”
  • “Alerts & Workflow allows us to automate the transfer of a file daily out of the database to our outside LMS system. What we thought would be a complex process, Alerts has made super easy.”
  • My Workforce Analyzer helps us stay compliant with ACA by automatically tracking employee hours for eligibility, determining our size requirements, and offering pay-or-play options.

Erik also had this to say about Sage HRMS HR Actions which they implemented before the migration:

  • “For us, HR Actions was a no brainer. We are spread out geographically, every store in a different city, and were constantly shipping forms back and forth. They got stuck on people’s desks and weren’t sent in a timely fashion.
  • HR Actions moved us into a paperless HR and Payroll environment, enabling us to do away with all of the paper forms and to speed up the process. HR Actions has really created a lot of efficiencies for us.”



The people we have worked with at Delphia Consulting really have a lot of experience and always have an answer. They are helpful and get back to us quickly. Even the top people at Delphia will hop on the phone with you and answer any of your questions.
Erik Andersen, Partner and VP of Finance, L&M Fleet Supply