Project Description

Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority (NRHA) is a national leader in community revitalization & fostering sustainable mixed-income communities. Using Sage Abra on the FoxPro database, NRHA sought the assistance of Delphia Consulting to migrate their data to a SQL database.


Steven Cunningham, Senior Database Administrator at the Norfolk Redevelopment & Housing Authority (NRHA), had been using Sage Abra Suite since 1999. However, because their staff wasn’t purging any records in their databases and all other production databases were in SQL, Steven approached Delphia Consulting to assist with a migration to a SQL database.


The NHRA lacked a robust back end with difficulty interfacing with other databases, resulting in speed issues. The NHRA did consider an upgrade to Suite Ver. 9 instead of SQL, however decided that a SQL conversion would provide a much stronger foundation for future improvements. By working closely with Delphia Consulting and the NHRA’s internal staff, Steven was able to implement conversion programs written by Delphia Consulting, obtain additional setup assistance, rewrite Crystal Reports, test results of scripts, and rewrite other in-house programs impacted by the upgrade.


NHRA was able to significantly reduce time needed to process payroll. Upgrades to the SQL database have provided a strong foundation for future effectiveness.



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We now have a more effective table structure and far superior data validation by the GUI.
Steven Cunningham, Senior Database Administrator, NHRA