Project Description

Founded in 1973, Petroleum Wholesale, L.P. is a privately owned motor fuel distributor headquartered in Houston, TX. Petroleum Wholesale conducts business across 50 locations in 9 different states. Main Street Market, their innovative, hybrid retail concept, offers branded fuel along with retail offerings such as discount groceries, hardware, auto parts, premium cigars, apparel, and fast food all under one roof.


  • Since 2002, Petroleum Wholesale had been using Abra Suite, based on Microsoft® Visual FoxPro®, but was aware that Microsoft had discontinued standard support for it in 2010. With over 600 employees and growing, the company knew they needed to move to a supported, scalable solution that could carry them into the future.
  • With recruiting and onboarding efforts constantly increasing, Petroleum Wholesale needed to streamline the process.
  • Lots of employees mean lots of calls to HR about remaining vacation days, updating information, requesting time off, etc. Petroleum Wholesale wanted to empower employees to take care of these issues on their own, freeing HR personnel to work on more strategic initiatives and programs.
  • With 50 locations in 9 states, paper forms were an issue. They were hard to track, got lost in transport, and HR had no way of knowing the status of forms in process. Waiting for approvals slowed down workflow, and shipping forms between locations was expensive. Petroleum Wholesale wanted a paperless solution that covered everything from recruiting and onboarding to daily operations, to termination.


  • The big question was whether to stay with Sage or explore other options. Petroleum Wholesale had been happy with Sage products in the past.
  • Moving existing data was another concern. Would HR and Payroll data (including check history) move into the new solution or remain in the old location, requiring access from two locations for researching and reporting?
  • Petroleum Wholesale is a complex company, and any move would require careful timing and execution to ensure a smooth transition.


Delphia Consulting migrated Petroleum Wholesale to Sage HRMS, a secure, fast, SQL driven HR/Payroll system, using their Automated SQL Migration for Abra Suite (ASM). Historical HR and Payroll data migrated into the new system.

Petroleum Wholesale added these products to ensure a totally paperless HR:


Debra Pladson, HR Manager, offered these observations:

SQL Migration:

  • “The process went so well, it was awesome. Delphia took care of any sticking points we came across.”
  • “With eFiling by Aatrix, quarterly and year-end tax filing is seamless, accomplished with a click of a button.”
  • “Now reporting is simpler, whether it’s new-hire reports, quarterly reports—everything!”
  • “You don’t have to do the rigid trial quarter and final close.”

HR Actions and Paperless HR

  • “With HR Actions, our HR now has a handle on where all employee forms are. And, we’re saving lots on shipping costs since we don’t have to move paper forms from location to location.”
  • “Paperless open enrollment is amazing. Employees enter their information, I approve it, and it just goes over to my HRMS. Contributions start when they’re supposed to; there’s no need to monitor.”

Petroleum Wholesale


I can’t say enough good things about how knowledgeable and patient everyone is at Delphia Consulting. Payroll is nerve wracking—HR is nerve wracking—because it affects people’s lives. And so, to be able to work with a group that is professional and courteous is a rare commodity in this world. It really meant a lot.
Debra Pladson, HR Manager, Petroleum Wholesale, L.P.