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Pittsburgh Mercy Health System (PMHS) is one of its region’s largest health and social service nonprofits and also one of its largest employers. The PMHS programs and their 1,700 employees serve more than 26,000 individuals annually at 60+ locations in Southwestern Pennsylvania.


As a non-profit medical agency providing a diverse array of services and employing a staff at over 60 locations throughout the greater Pittsburgh area, the Human Resources staff at PMHS had their hands full. HR Staff were often forced to play paper-clerk just to keep up with the volume of paper forms moving physically between offices and workplaces. PMHS wanted a solution that would free up resources and time, and allow HR to play a more comprehensive role within their organization.


With so many locations, as well as the rate of turnover common in the industry, PMHS needed tools to create the best possible Human Resources culture and the best possible experience for their employees. They needed a way to consolidate two separate databases as well as streamline countless functions previously performed with the use of paper form routing—often through snail mail between their locations.


PMHS looked at several options but ultimately chose Sage HRMS, partially due to its direct integration with their payroll software. On top of the Sage HRMS database, they added tools such as Sage HRMS HR Actions, Sage Employee Self Service, and Sage HRMS Alerts & Workflow to allow employees and supervisors alike to interface with HR information and processes wherever they happened to be throughout Allegheny County. Because Delphia Consulting invested the time necessary to understand PMHS’s  specific needs, PMHS was able to implement the right suite of solutions quickly and efficiently.

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We weren’t in it alone. A lot of organizations I talk to going through software implementations are left hanging out, trying to figure things out after implementation. We aren’t. Delphia Consulting is always here to support us.
Laurie Miller, PHR, Human Resources Manager, Pittsburgh Mercy Health System